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Alpaca Colorful, Light Knit Hats
There hats are made in Peru. Colors available for the wide band at the bottom of the knit hat: maro...
Mid Missouri Alpacas
$15 Each + shipping 
Alpaca Fur Hats in a Variety of Colors
Luxurious alpaca fur hat, wonderfully soft and incredibly warm. Available in brown, white, tan and ...
Sharla's Web at Peaceful Heart Alpacas
$110 free shipping 
Handknit Patterned Hat
Handmade using soft baby alpaca yarn, these hats have beautiful patterns. Warm, soft and very attrac...
Faraway Farm Alpacas


Alpaca Cable Knit Hats
These 100% alpaca cable knit hats are made from our fiber which we sent off to be processed. They ma...
Mid Missouri Alpacas
$30 Each + shipping 
Boucle Hat
At this time, we have these hats in two colors: ivory, and light lavender. The ivory hat contains 50...
Mid Missouri Alpacas
$27 Each + shipping 
Boucle Beanies/Hats
These boucle hats are machine knitted and match the boucle scarves shown in the SCARVES SECTION. The...
Mid Missouri Alpacas
$27 Each + shipping 


Woven Alpaca Fabric Handmade Hat
This snug hat will keep your head nice and warm. The hat is made of two layers of alpaca fabric turn...
Mid Missouri Alpacas
$30 Each + shipping 
Fawn ladies winter hat. Heavy felted 100% Alpaca.

Tusche's Alpaca Farm
Denali''s Walker! 100% Alpaca, felted ladies hat.

Tusche's Alpaca Farm


Crocheted TAM
This Tam (size small) is crocheted from 100% alpaca yarn that is a unique blend of fiber from three ...
Jerae's Unity Alpacas
Paca Candy Cane! 100% Alpaca felted ladies hat

Tusche's Alpaca Farm
Carmelina''s Bucket Hat! 100% Alpaca, felted ladies hat.

Tusche's Alpaca Farm


Fur Hat Deep Brown
Exquisite deep brown fur hat that is absolutely gorgeous! It is lined 100% Baby Alpaca Fur Hat. One ...
Alpacas of Sugar Creek, LLC
Fawn and Cream stripe crochet hat with bow
This hat is beautifully crocheted using fawn and cream yarns from 2 of our alpacas: Precious and Sha...
Jerae's Unity Alpacas
Baby Alpaca Fur Hat
These baby alapca fur hats have been made with the finest alpaca. Keep your head warm with a little ...
Whisper Meadows Alpacas


Custom Knit Alpaca Hat
Hand knitted by Ms. Peg ... beautiful floppy eclectic topper for the free spirit. We have Russet Red...
Alpacas at Tucker Creek
Radar Hat
These are super warm hats with a brim and roll down band to keep your neck warm.
Great Christmas...
Lighthouse Alpacas (PA)
Hat, Ladie''s Felted - Gray. Made here at Spittin'' Image.
100% Alpaca. This hat was felted from fiber from several different animals of various colors. It i...
Spittin' Image Alpacas


Hat Slouch Fawn and White
Get the latest fashions - cute, warm and in style. This hat is crocheted with an alpaca fawn and wh...
Alpaca Family Farm
$37.10 shipping additional 
100% Baby Alpaca Cusco Hat
100% Baby alpaca hat.. Bright, cheery colors knit into classic southwestern prints. Lightweight and ...
Maple Brook Farm Country Store
Reversible Hat
Beautiful reversible alpaca hat with card design on one side, solid on reverse side. Made of 40% al...
Maple Brook Farm Country Store


We have combined the great Snowflake Knit design with our classic knit cap. Line with Innova, it''s a...
$35 Shipping included 
Adult, cloche style hat, hand crocheted.
Handmade in Minnesota. Made from 100% alpaca yarn or alpaca blends. Approximately 22 inches circumf...
North Country Alpacas (MN)
$40 In U.S. Dollars 
Kids Moose Hat
This nifty 50% Alpaca/50% Acrylic Blend design "Moose Hat" is not only super warm, but a lot of fun ...
Amazing Grace Alpaca Farm
$25 plus ship/handling 


Lattice Hat
This is the hat for non-hat wearers! It feels so light on your head, yet keeps you warm. Specify c...
Maple View Farm Alpacas
Radar MASH Hat
Designed after the hat Radar O''Reilly wore on M.A.S.H. Brim keeps the weather out of your face in th...
Avis Acres Alpacas
Hat, Adult Crocheted, Funky, 100% Alpaca. Made here at Spittin'' Image.
This hat is made of handspun alpaca, and trimmed in funky, fun yarn (which is not alpaca). Hard to ...
Spittin' Image Alpacas


Fur Hat
Unbelievably soft and warm, these beautifully-made hats are
very popular. Warm fashionable ... ...
Faraway Farm Alpacas
Alpaca Chullo Hat
Alpaca Chullo with card design. Comes in natural and dyed colors. They are 40% alpaca, 15% wool and ...
Maple Brook Farm Country Store
Alpaca Roll Up Hat
50% Alpaca and 50% Sheep Wool.
These wonderful hand-made crochet rustic alpaca roll up hats are ...
Funny Farm Alpacas


Hat - chemo
This is a light weight (but warm) hat made from alpaca and fun fur. This is called a chemo hat for ...
Alpaca Family Farm
$40 shipping additional 
Handmade Felted Hat
These are unique handknitted then handfelted hats! Sizes would be child or adult small. Made out of ...
Hidden Hilltop Alpaca Ranch
Hat - pink alpaca beret
Light weight and warm - this pink crocheted hat made from alpaca yarn.
Alpaca Family Farm
$31.80 shipping additional 


#53 Hearts and Flowers Hat Hand Knit on Glacial Ridge Farm
This pretty spring inspired hat was hand knit
on Glacial Ridge Farm of Alpaca raised on our Glacial Ridge Farm, LLC
Art Deco Hat
Lovely, fashionable, warm and handmade from 100% alpaca.
Faraway Farm Alpacas
Boucle Knit Alpaca Hats
These great hats can be worn casually or dressed up! They are available in 10 colors and the nubby ...
Heartland Criations Alpacas' Farm Store LLC


Boucle Alpaca Hat
Stylish Alpaca boucle hats. Available in red and brownish.

Naturally Appealing Boutique at QuarryCritters
Alpaca Fur Hat
Silky soft Alpaca Fur Hat. Black, brown or fawn. One size fits average head size. Very chic!
Red Roof Ranch Alpacas
100% White or Black Baby Alpaca Hat
These hats are made with 100% alpaca and are very warm. They add a special touch to an outfit. One s...
$79.95 Very Nice! 


100% Alpaca Hat in Black, White, Chocolate or Gray
These hats are made of 100% alpaca and are very warm. They run slightly smaller than the whote ones,...
$79.95 Nice Dress Hat 
Boucle Alpaca Hat
A stylish boucle alpaca hat in a variety of
colors including: black, dark rust, charcoal,
Alpacas of Sugar Creek, LLC
One of the softest and most lightweight hats you will ever
wear. This ALTA BOUCLE BEANIE match...
$30 In Stock Price 


Fur Hat no ties
These luxurious 100% baby alpaca fur hats will become one of your most treasured possessions. Each h...
TMA Farm Store
Hand Knitted Alpaca Slouch Hat
A twisted rib makes for a nicely fitted cuff, which transitions into a moss stich hat.

Loess Hills Alpacas
100% Alpaca Felted Hat w/Flower
One Size Fits Most.

Hand Knitted and Felted from 100% Alpaca Yarn.

Assorted Colors...
Funny Farm Alpacas


Cable Hat
These cable hats are made out of 100% prime alpaca. Very stylish with the cable stitching!

Hidden Hilltop Alpaca Ranch
Yellow and white hat
Warm and decorative - this hat is crocheted with yellow boucle and white alpaca. It has a decorati...
Alpaca Family Farm
$26.50 shipping additional 
Hand knit and felted hats
These hats are hand made and are available in a variety of colors. One size fits most women, but the...
Powder Puff Pacas

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