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Furry Alpacas
These standing alpacas are made from real, tanned alpaca skins. They are 11 inches tall. Alpaca is ...
Mid Missouri Alpacas
$40 Each + shipping 
Soft Plush Alpaca Toy!!

These are about 9 inches tall and oh so cuddly!! Since alpacas are...
Jerae's Unity Alpacas
Real Suri Alpaca Fur Llama
Just in from Peru! Cush position llamas made from real suri alpaca fur. Suri is the highest quality ...
Dancing Horse Farm


Alpaca/Llama Stuffed Acrylic Pets
These cuddly toys are available in three sizes, at three price points. The largest one is 23 inches...
Mid Missouri Alpacas
$6.50 Each + shipping 
Small (7'') Snuggly Alpaca / Llama
Small snuggly alpaca from the Alpaca Family

- 7" Tall

- Also see our Large (11") A...
Alpaca Dreams, LLC
$15 S & H Included 
Alpaca Figures, 4 inches tall
Each of these hand crafted alpaca is unique, and approximately 4" tall. Available in several colors...
Sharla's Web at Peaceful Heart Alpacas


Small Alpaca
This little white alpaca is perfect for anyone who is in love with the animal. Alpaca is 4.3" tall
Big River Alpacas
0507-Vicuna Replica, Large 7-8''
7"-8" Tall. Shown here (in the middle) as the largest in this set. Specify if standing or cushed. A...
Best 'Dam' Alpaca Ranch, LLC
Individual Alpaca / Llama
Soft snuggly Alpacas and Llamas

- Large (11") White or Dark

- Also see our listin...
Alpaca Dreams, LLC
$22 S&H Included 


100% Baby Alpaca Fleece 12'' Alpaca
Made from 100% Baby Alpaca Fleece. So extremely soft and cuddly! Great gift for all ages!!!!!!!
Funny Farm Alpacas
Lena Alpaca
This adorable stuffed alpaca is perfect for those small gifts you want to give children or for new b...
Hidden Hilltop Alpaca Ranch
$12 per alpaca 
Large Stuffed Huacaya Alpaca 12'' High X 12''L
Super fluffy and plush, these gorgeous large alpacas are very full in shape and measure approximatel...


Paddy 0'' Alpaca
This is the medium size stuffed alpaca. It is extremely soft to the touch and kids love to snuggle w...
Hidden Hilltop Alpaca Ranch
$17 per alpaca 
Choco Alpaca
This medium size alpaca is soft and cuddly with a deep, rich brown color. It is a perfect size for a...
Hidden Hilltop Alpaca Ranch
$17 per alpaca 
minature 4'' alpaca
Buy your very own alpaca! These wonderful little alpacas are made from real alpacas (no animal was h...
Dry Creek Alpacas (CO)
$12 each 


Glacial Ridge Farm, LLC
$35 SALE 
Plush Mini Alpaca/Llama Toy
This plush toy is adorable and stands about 8" tall.

Please call or email prior to ordering t...
Heartland Criations Alpacas' Farm Store LLC
0509AMD-Deluxe Medium Alpaca
Approximately 8-9" Tall

Colors Vary

Best 'Dam' Alpaca Ranch, LLC


Alpaca Figure, 4 inch
Start a herd of your own!

Our Alpaca miniatures are made from 100% real alpaca "friendly" f...
Mariposa Farm
Plush Toy Alpaca

This sweet alpaca has s...
Island Alpaca Company of Martha's Vineyard
0509AXLD-Deluxe Special Alpaca
Stands approx. 18"-20" tall (sizes vary). Makes a great gift for any occassion: Birthday, Valentine''...
Best 'Dam' Alpaca Ranch, LLC


Standing Alpaca
This standing Alpaca is fluffy and soft. It is made of baby alpaca fur and is a "must have" for bot...
The Paca Place
Colorful Hand-felted Alpaca Ornaments
These adorable, colorful, creative, hand-felted alpacas are beautiful ornaments for any season or a ...
Storybook Alpacas
$15 Plus Shipping 
Stuffed Alpacas/Llamas
Manufactured by the Douglas Cuddle Toy Company, Keene,

NH. They are available in small--Le...
Almosta Ranch Alpacas
$0 See size for price 


Alpaca Plush Med
This amazingly true to life Alpaca is super soft and cuddly ready to steal your heart. A perfect com...
$12 Medium 
Stuffed 12'''' Cushing Alpaca with Legs
This stuffed cushing Alpaca is very realistic as it has the Alpacas legs folded under the Alpaca jus...
The Paca Place
Standing Alpaca
One of a kind, no two are alike. 100% baby alpaca, made in Peru.

ON STOCK: light fawn
TMA Farm Store


Stuffed Cushing Alpaca
This cute and soft cushing alpaca is made from real alpaca fur. Everyone will love it!

The Paca Place
Alpaca Stuffed Toy
These larger sized guys are fun for everyone! Though not made of
alpaca, they are just as much ...
Amazing Grace Alpaca Farm
$15 plus ship/handling 
0509ALD-Deluxe Large Alpaca
Makes a great gift for children & adults alike. Colors vary. No two alike.

Approximately ...
Best 'Dam' Alpaca Ranch, LLC


Standing stuffed alpaca
These stuffed, standing alpacas are made of 100% alpaca. They are super soft and mighty impressive!!...
Lotis Alpacas
Alpaca standing/Alpaca cushing
Fluffy and soft, this stuffed alpaca is a
"must have" toy for both the child and adult!
Alpacas of Sugar Creek, LLC
Stuffed Alpacas Sitting 9'' - 10''
These sitting alpacas are just stunning with long and super soft suri fleece. With fleece so long it...
$29.99 Ships Right Away! 


Alpaca figure, 6 inch
Start a herd of your own!

Our Alpaca miniatures are made from 100% real alpaca "friendly" f...
Mariposa Farm
Stuffed Alpaca 10''''
This huggable stuffed Alpaca is so adorable. They are made out of 100% Alpaca fiber. They come in ...
The Paca Place
Alpaca Plush Toy Sets

Save 10% on the entire ...
Island Alpaca Company of Martha's Vineyard


Plush Alpaca Doll
Darling standing alpaca plush toy. Sweet expression on this critter''s face! Stands about 12 inches...
Destiny Alpaca Farm
$20 Great gift! 
Mini Stuffed Toy Alpaca (6'' Standing)
• 100% Baby Alpaca
• Makes a wonderful gift
• Approximately 6" tall

Super cute! S...
Alpaca Direct
0500-Vicuna Replica-Mini, 3'' to 4''
0500 - 3" to 4" Wool Mini, Peru

The smallest in this set.

Sold Individually Assor...
Best 'Dam' Alpaca Ranch, LLC


Soft Snuggly Alpaca / Llama Family
Own your own indoor alpaca family.
They are almost as soft as the real thing!

Large: ...
Alpaca Dreams, LLC
$45 S+H Included 
Standing stuffed alpaca - various
These stuffed, standing alpacas are made of 100% alpaca. They are super soft and super cute!!
Lotis Alpacas
Cushing Alpaca ''Bonita''
This stuffed cushing Alpaca is cute and soft and is made from real 100% alpaca fur. Everyone loves ...
The Paca Place


Toy Stuffed Alpaca 12'' Tall
Super cute! Super cuddly! Super soft! Made from 100% baby alpaca. Makes a wonderful gift. Approximat...
Alpaca Direct
9 inch Plush Alpacas
These beautiful alpacas are incredibly soft and made from 100% alpaca. Hand crafted from the inside ...
Sharla's Web at Peaceful Heart Alpacas
These TINY PACAS are little miniature alpacas that are hand made and needle felted by me with real a...
Walnut Hill Farm, LLC


0502-Vicuna Replica-4.5''
0502 - 4.5" Sold Individually

Assorted sitting or standing. Shown here in the middle of th...
Best 'Dam' Alpaca Ranch, LLC
Standing Alpacas/llamas - 9 Inch
These adorable llamas/alpacas are made with 100% baby alpaca fiber. They come adorned with a fancy h...
Complete herd of Alpacas!
Here is your chance to own a complete set of these adorable alpacas. Set includes the small, medium ...
Hidden Hilltop Alpaca Ranch

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