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  Alpacas of Sunset Fields
Kate & Scott McKelvie
4287 Shaffers Church Rd.
Glen Rock, PA 17327 

Ph1: 717-968-5440
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Animal Reiki

Reiki is the practice of channeling healing energy to assist the body in healing itself. Reiki is universal life energy! This healing energy helps the body decrease pain and inflammation, battles disease, speeds recovery from surgery or injury, accelerates the healing process, and helps with birthing. Reiki can also help organ function, and can reduce the damage caused by meningeal worm.
Kate is a certified Reiki Master, offering both on-farm visits or distance healing. This non-invasive energy channeling is usually offered without any physical contact, proximity is by the subject's choice. Reiki also helps animals heal from past mental or physical trauma, and helps with group dynamics. If your animal is struggling with an issue, you will be surprised at what Reiki can accomplish! Often other pets will join into an in-home Reiki session.
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Pricing and Terms
Intro- $50 for an on-farm/in-home session, and two distance sessions.
$20 for a distance reiki session (photo required.). 3 distance sessions for $45,
3 in-home sessions for a reduced $120 rate.
$10 for a custom semiprecious Reiki charm.

Additional Details

There are many benefits to reiki, and some situations benefit from more than one treatment, especially chronic conditions or trauma. This is why I discount multiple treatments.
Reiki is often beneficial to owners as well as companion animals. Frequently sessions become shared, with others receptive to the energy joining in. This is definitely worth exploring! I have assisted several difficult births on my farm with reiki, with successful outcomes. Reiki can also help settle herd dynamics. Most animals are very open to receiving Reiki. If you like, I can communicate with them beforehand to prepare them for the session.
Each Reiki patient receives a custom, clip-on, semiprecious Reiki charm to keep the healing continuing! These charms are also available without a session for $10.



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