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  Farm Owners
Diane and Charles  Sheesley
Eric and Rachel  Wingert

Farm Address
2368 St. John Rd.
Punxsutawney, PA 15767

Important Phone Numbers
  Ph1: 814 939-7079
Ph2: 814-952-2306
Fax: 814 939-7079
 Web Site:  www.rainbowmountainalpac...

Additional Contact Info: 
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Herd Count Statistics

Females: 38 Huacaya, 24 Suri
Males: 17 Huacaya, 13 Suri
Geldings: 0 Huacaya, 0 Suri

A total of 92 alpacas reside at Rainbow Mountain Alpacas.


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Raising Suri and Huacaya Alpacas
Image is being processed by ANFREE 3RD EDITION NORM EVANS MANUAL WITH BREEDING ANIMAL PURCHASE TO HELP YOU GET STARTED ON THE RIGHT FOOT. Rainbow Mountain Alpacas is committed to producing and fostering quality within the alpaca
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Foundation Herd (9)
Services Offered (5)

Herdsires (15)
Huacaya Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
Abraham Van Helsing of Peru - Medium Fawn, Proven, $800
AV Rambo's Peruvian T. Mojito - Light Brown, Proven, $400
Drifter's Crusader - Medium Brown, Unproven, $500
Dupioni's Vintage Troubadour - White, Proven, $1000
Lincoln's Abraham - White, Proven, $1000
Vengador's Vintage Voyeur - White, Unproven, $250
Suri Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
Allegeny Pitch Black - True Black, Unproven, $200
Blackbeard's Sid the Kid - Dark Silver Grey, Unproven, $1000
Rainbow Mountain's Julius - True Black, Proven, $1000
Rainbow Mountain's Prince Caspian - Light Fawn, Proven, $500
Scotch's Wylie Coyote - Pattern, Proven, $750
WRSR Kilimanjaro's Triumph - White, Proven, $1000
WRSR Mercury Rising's Marauder - Pattern, Proven, $1500
WRSR Peruvian Kamikaze - Pattern, Proven, $1500
WRSR Peruvian Storm Warning - Medium Brown, Proven, $400
Alpacas for Sale (82)
Huacaya Bred Females 
BV Emma Abigail - True Black, Proven, $5000
Delta's Early Dawn - Medium Brown, Proven, $650
Dreaming Dragon's Charming Angel - White, Unproven, $750
Drifter's Fickle - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $3500
Hermosa Maria de Bolivia - Light Brown, Unproven, $1500
Jericho's Georgie Girl - Medium Fawn, Proven, $3000
Meadowgate V Accoyo's Petunia - Beige, Unproven, $4000
Miss Vintage Ohio - Pattern, Proven, $12000
Moon Mist of Rainbow Mountian - White, Unproven, $10000
Nic Nac's Flutter By - Medium Brown, Proven, $8000
OWA Moonstruck - Pattern, Proven, $10000
Patagonia's Renata - Light Silver Grey, Proven, $5000
PROV AC LADY CAPRI - Pattern, Proven, $1500
Rainbow Moutain The Kat's Meow - Dark Fawn, Unproven, $4500
T. Mojito's Peruvian Ava - Medium Brown, Unproven, $3000
Topgun's Reign - Light Fawn, Unproven, $15000
Ult Miss Java - Bay Black, Proven, $2500
Huacaya Open Females 
All in the Money - Medium Fawn, Proven, $4500
Allegheny Peruvian Estrella - Medium Fawn, Proven, $500
Bentley's Rosalina - White, Unproven, $4000
Charmed Princess Curiosity - White, Proven, $1000
Crown Prince's Tiara - True Black, Unproven, $3800
Dreaming Dragon's Autumn Bliss - Medium Brown, Unproven, $750
Dreaming Dragon's Black Perl - True Black, Unproven, $750
Dreaming Dragon's Midnight Sky - True Black, Unproven, $500
EOA GIGI - Medium Silver Grey, Proven, $1000
Greybeard's Tara Rose - Light Fawn, Proven, $600
Holiday Weekend - Dark Fawn, Proven, $1000
HRM'S Dakota - Medium Silver Grey, Unproven, $1000
Meadowgate Cria Mia - White, Proven, $4000
Meadowgate Expesso's Echo Cafe - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $5500
MFI Chinoa - Medium Brown, Proven, $500
Nottingham Black Velvet &FEMALECRIA - True Black, Proven, $800
Pandora Primera De Lacroix - Light Fawn, Unproven, $250
Papparazzi's Diva - Medium Fawn, Proven, $10000
Pretty Penny - Medium Silver Grey, Proven
Spring Hills Saphyre - Dark Brown, Unproven, $250
Stratosphere's Melody - Medium Brown, Unproven, $1000
Sunset Hill Luscious Silk - Dark Fawn, Unproven, $4500
Troubadours Carousel - White, Unproven, $10000
Van Helsing's Lace - White, Unproven, $1500
Huacaya Males 
Abraham Van Helsing of Peru - Medium Fawn, Proven, $7500 (1/2 Int.)
Charmed Mark Anthony - Medium Fawn, Proven, $250
Dreaming Dragon Amerikhan All-Star - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $250
Dreaming Dragon's Dynomite Weekend - Light Brown, Unproven, $500
Dreaming Dragon's Soldier Boy - Light Fawn, Unproven, $250
Drifter's Crusader - Medium Brown, Unproven, $2000
Lincoln's Abraham - White, Unproven, $25000 (1/2 Int.)
Principio's Jacquard - Light Brown, Unproven, $5000
Troubadour's The Riddler - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $5000
Ulysses of Rainbow Mountain - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $2500
Vengador's Vintage Voyeur - White, Unproven, $5000
Vintage Captain Cal - Light Fawn, Unproven, $100
Suri Bred Females 
Above All Lady Liberty 2010 - True Black, Unproven, $1200
Above All Peruvian Abigail - Medium Rose Grey, Proven, $1200
Fiori's Seraphina del Ciardi - Medium Brown, Unproven, $3000
Kissmets Queen of Hearts - White, Proven, $1200
Lourde's Peruvian Anastasia - Light Rose Grey, Proven, $5000
Marauder's September Storm - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $7500
Meadowgate Peruvian Accoyo Pride - White, Proven, $1500
Meadowgate Peruvian Crumpet - Medium Fawn, Proven, $500
My WRSR Peruvian Phoebe - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $4000

Novalee Nation - Pattern, Proven, $2000
PLA Sue Z.Q. - White, Proven, $3000
SBS Crown Princess Marguerite &cria - White, Proven, $750
Suri Open Females 
Adams Peruvian Wilhelmina - Pattern, Proven, $800
Beach Run's Samantha - Medium Brown, Unproven, $1000
Diamonte's Madonna - Beige, Unproven, $4000
Maurader's Pixie - White, Unproven, $10000
Missy's Sunshine - Light Brown, Proven, $8000
Peaches and Creme - Pattern, Unproven, $350
Rainbow Mountain Pink Dahlia - White, Unproven, $5200
Sweet Suri Pina Colada - Beige, Unproven, $1000
Suri Males 
Allegheny Peruvian Killians Red - Medium Brown, Proven, $500
Blackbeard's Sid the Kid - Dark Silver Grey, Unproven, $3000
Maruader's Judas - Medium Rose Grey, Unproven
Pale Ale of Rainbow Mountain - Light Fawn, Unproven, $1500
Rainbow Mountain's Prince Caspian - Light Fawn, Unproven, $1000 (1/2 Int.)
Switch Blade of Rainbow Mountain - Pattern, Unproven, $1000
White Russian of Rainbow Mountain - White, Unproven, $500
WRSR Peruvian Storm Warning - Medium Brown, Proven, $3500
Package Deals (1)

Fiber Lots for Sale (1)

Sold Items (341)



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