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 Alpaca Treats
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Posted - 08/08/2007 :  11:03:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What make good alpaca treats? what do they enjoy eating as a titbib to help when trying to handle them or just as a general treat occasionally?
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Posted - 08/08/2007 :  11:37:27 AM  Show Profile  Visit redwood's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Ours won't take them but we know quite a few farms that feed their alpacas carrots as treats!

Julie Miller

Daughter of Redwood Ranch Alpacas
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Posted - 08/08/2007 :  12:09:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit slredmond's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Our girls love the carrot flavored horse treats that we pick up from TSC. The males aren't interested in them, but the girls think they're great.


Kevin, Sandy and Caitlin Redmond
Walnut Point Alpacas
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Posted - 08/09/2007 :  07:27:52 AM  Show Profile  Visit Bethany's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I use, in very limited quantities, alfafa pellets. They have a strong odor so the first time offered, most of my animals just did a sniff test. The only problem with the pellets is that I can only find them in a 50 pound bag and that has lasted me at least a year. I have needed to keep them stored in an airtight container due to the humidity here. Someone has also recommended "hay strecher" or "hay extender" pellets which I believe contain a high amount of alfafa.

Bethany Cole
Vermont Alpaca Company
South Strafford, Vermont
(802) 765-9639
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Posted - 08/09/2007 :  4:00:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A couple of my males love grapes, and it has to be the green ones. I have tried other fruits, but nothing seems to be as tasty for them as grapes. One of the boys will do almost anything to get them. Usually, I can't get him to come near me and he is a great kicker. But hand him a grape and he will stand still to be petted. He also seems to like lettuce.

Christiane Rudolf
Tanglewood Farm
19741 Victory Lane
Fayetteville, Ohio 45118
(513) 875-3739
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Posted - 08/09/2007 :  8:35:09 PM  Show Profile  Visit prestonspac's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Mizzouri llama treats are a favorite around our farm, plus most of our girls really like apples so we cut some up for them on special occasions.


Prestons Alpacas
Worcester NY, 12197
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Posted - 08/10/2007 :  11:41:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit nancyspacas's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi all,
that was going to be my question this morning.... what, if anything can i give my critters for a treat? Two are bred females and one is a 3 month cria and the other is a 2 yr. gelding.....They are beginning to accept me in their pen, but are still skittish with me around. (we have only had them a week)

Metamora, MI
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Springtime Farms

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Posted - 08/13/2007 :  6:45:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Most of my darlings love carrots too. It seems to be a theme. I've had a few take a cucumber.
You've probably heard this, but in addition to treats (great idea), just spending time with your alpacas will get them used to you. I find not touching them but being with them freaks them out less. My theory is by not touching them, they begin to trust you. Then, as they get more comfortable, I reach out a hand now and again.
Meredith O'Neil
Springtime Farms
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Posted - 08/13/2007 :  10:36:12 PM  Show Profile  Visit nancyspacas's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Thanks, I do spend a bit several times a day just sitting and being
with them... The cria is the most curious. He gets close and sniffs then he is off and running.... just to come back a bit closer each time. Needless to say, I spend a lot of the time giggling

Unfortunately, i have had to touch them, seems that i didn't get all the burr weeds out of the big pasture and of course they found them! So we had a "de-burring party" today. Actually it wasn't to bad. The cria had the most.... i think cause he is the shortest. We have found the bad weed and got rid of it

I haven't found any treats especially for them yet.... I am going to try carrots in the morning... how small of pieces do they need to be?
again, thanks...

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Posted - 08/13/2007 :  11:42:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We shred carrots & apples together, green or yellow squash with cantaloupe or watermelon, fresh finely chopped spinach, etc. Probiotics and vitamins can be sprinkled on top of the fresh fruits and veggies. This can be fed separately or mixed in with their pellet rations. Once they are used to it, they will eat it out of your hand, even the shy ones warm up.
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Springtime Farms

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Posted - 08/14/2007 :  10:34:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You've probably already tried the carrots, but I cut them into 3-5 inch wedges....so, each 3-5 inch section of a whole carrot is cut at least in half, sometimes in quarters. Of course, I think they'll figure out a way to eat just about any sized carrot.
Meredith O'Neil
Springtime Farms
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Posted - 08/15/2007 :  09:06:16 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I use the bags of baby carrots. They are perfect size and my alpacas love them.
I tried fresh green beans this week and have one male who loves them and another who is thinking about it. We also use green grapes, quartered apples (seeds removed), cucumber slices and banana. My llamas go nuts over the banana.
We try different things. You never know what they will like.

Sue Reimann
Alpaca Springs Farm
10250 High Street
Belgrade, Missouri 63622
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425 Posts

Posted - 08/15/2007 :  09:27:41 AM  Show Profile  Visit nancyspacas's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks everyone :)

I guess i will go garden shopping and see what they like....
since we have been watering our veggie garden all season, there
is a bumper crop of everything!

Thanks for all the great suggestions.

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425 Posts

Posted - 08/20/2007 :  09:46:00 AM  Show Profile  Visit nancyspacas's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi again,
Well, we tried green beans.... they ate them later when no one was looking also tried leaf lettuce.... I only had one taker for that.

Today will be carrots...

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2761 Posts

Posted - 08/20/2007 :  1:37:12 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, after reading all the posts about treats, I went and got my bag of mini carrots to see who would like them. Copper, my guy who has never tried any treats, just loves them, as does Gulliver, my grape lover. The other two seem to want to think about it yet.

Christiane Rudolf
Tanglewood Farm
19741 Victory Lane
Fayetteville, Ohio 45118
(513) 875-3739
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425 Posts

Posted - 08/28/2007 :  10:51:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit nancyspacas's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Well, My critters don't like carrots :(
they do like the green tops.... I picked some fresh out of the garden and washed them really good but, I ended up giving the carrots to my horse...

guess I will have to try something else...

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Canterbury Farms

118 Posts

Posted - 08/30/2007 :  3:08:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Everyone-

We feed our alpacas "Apples-n-Oats" horse treats. They are an all natural Ohio-made product, made out of oats, molasses, corn (a bit) and some other yummy stuff that my alpacas love. They are in a four leaf clover shape, about 1 inch long, and hard. (My teenagers eat them!) I buy them at Big Dee's Equestrian catalog company, $20 for 7 pounds.

It may take a bit for them to catch on to eating them for some but they are a huge hit at my farm. And they don't have to be refrigerated, and they have a long shelf life, so easy to take on trips, or to shows. AND if you leave them in your pocket, and you put your jeans through the wash, they don't ruin your clothes!

I ALWAYS send home these treats when I sell an alpaca....

Genine Bednarski
Canterbury Farms
Hudson, Ohio
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The Paca Factory

592 Posts

Posted - 08/30/2007 :  10:51:10 PM  Show Profile  Visit The Paca Factory's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I take my farm products to a Farmers Market and some of the fruit and vegetable vendors will have a few veges that are either bruised or marked in any way. If they feel they have veg or fruit they can't sell I will bring some of that home and give it to my chickens of that the alps can't or won't eat. If you get acquainted with either a small grocer or marketer. Even the dogs eat some of the fruit. However I asked a vet from Peru a question what are the treats for their animals her answer was pistasios. I mentioned to her that between $9.- $12./ lb I will eat the nuts myself thank you very much. We just put a little of the food they get every day on a Frisbee and let them eat out of that and they seem to be very happy.

David & Linda Bradley
The Paca Factory
Durand, Mi.
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2937 Posts

Posted - 09/04/2007 :  01:04:30 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have tried using most of the treats mentioned here plus some others like "Cheerios's" and have never had any pf my alpacas really go for them.

On the other hand, I can use any horse sweet molasses feed, or whole oats, or leaves from corn and most of my alpacas will follow any of us anywhere. Having a barrel full of oats or molasses horse feed is really handy when visitors drop in and eliminates having to prepare a treat by cutting it up.


Bob & Vicki Blodgett
Suri Land Alpaca Ranch
3288 Halter Avenue
Newton, Iowa 50208
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Posted - 09/05/2007 :  12:25:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit johnson's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Apples and Pear slices and I have won the hearts of two animals that we had trouble getting close to. Last night I sliced some apple up and my one boy (Brownstone) decided he would get right in the hay bin so he could strecth his neck closer to the apple. Pear slices do the same. They always try to take the entire apple or pear out of our hands but I prefer to give them small slices. I figure to much of a diet change at one time is not good.
We have not had any luck with carrots. Fruits seem to be better. We decided against commercial treats due to the increased protein content.

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Posted - 09/23/2007 :  08:52:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm a few weeks late on this topic, but thought I would reply anyway :P lol

All but one of my pacas LOVE carrots! We are thinking of calling Nika's baby "Orange Crush" or "Bug Bunny" due to her extreme love of carrots. She will crawl into your lap if she thinks there is ANY chance you are keeping a carrot away from her. You can do just about anything to her if you have a supply of carrots.

My junior herdsire, Ragtime, is the only one of my bunch who doesn't really care for them...but I think it's mainly because he has never had treats before coming to my farm, and is still pretty shy.

I'm going to try grapes and apples out on them eventually, but carrots have worked so well I haven't bothered yet lol

Shana Elliott
Lazy E Alpaca Farm (LEAF)
Jefferson, Texas
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