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Can I List Brokered Animals?
YES.  You may list boarded or brokered animals, however, you must include the total number of animals owned, boarded, and/or brokered by your farm in your herd size when joining and renewing.  This may raise your herd size to the next pricing tier for your annual membership.  View membership pricing table
If you do not intend to list brokered animals on your AlpacaNation account, then you do not need to include these animals in your herd count during registration or renewal.

You may choose to add boarded or brokered animals at any time during your membership, and AlpacaNation will prorate your new additions for an adjusted annual membership fee.  Farms are asked to promptly notify AN if they intend to increase the size of their herd with boarded and brokered animals.

Alpaca Information
Alpaca Information


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