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What If I Don't Want to List Every Alpaca in My Herd?
There are no requirements or restrictions on how many of your alpacas you can list on AlpacaNation.  However we encourage you to list them all and categorized the appropriately.  There have been many instances where a farm listed an animal as part of their "Foundation Herd" and the information in that listing is what helped close the sale on a "For Sale" listing.  By putting your entire herd on-line, you provide prospective buyers with much more complete information, which gives them more confidence to buy from your breeding program.  By contrast, farms that only list a small portion of their herd, do not perform as well, due to the lack of breadth of information about their overall breeding program.

Your membership fee is based on the total number of animals in your herd, NOT the number of listings you plan to create.  We want farms to feel free to put ALL of their animals on AlpacaNation, not just the ones they want to sell.  More complete herd information, results in more sales!

We are frequently asked if pricing discounts can be arranged when a member plans to list only a fraction of their herd on the site. This question is asked by both the smallest and the largest breeders. AlpacaNation realizes that many breeders do not wish to sell all of their alpacas; many breeders keep a core herd and own guard alpacas. These factors have already been incorporated into AlpacaNation's membership fee. Pricing discounts are not currently available. 

Pricing for Boarded or Brokered Animals
If your herd includes animals that are boarded or brokered by your farm and you do not intend to list them on AlpacaNation, then you do not have to include these animals in your herd count.  However, if you do intend to list alpacas on AlpacaNation that you board or broker, then you must include the total animals owned, boarded or brokered by your farm in your herd count.

Alpaca Information
Alpaca Information


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