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SAVE BIG! AlpacaNation's Member Referral Program!
How does the referral program work?
Earn a $50 credit for each new member or returning member who joins or renews as a result of your referral! A "returning member" is a former AlpacaNation farm member whose account has been expired for 6 months or more and was in good standing at the time of their membership expiration. Once the new member or returning member enters their payment information, they will have the opportunity to indicate a referring farm. Once you are selected as the referring farm, you will earn a $50 credit on your AlpacaNation account!

When will I receive my credit?
Your credit will be posted to your account when the referring member has been published on AN for at least 90 days.  To receive your credit as fast as possible, we hope you will encourage your referal farm to get organized and get published!

What can I use my referral credits for?

Referral credits can be utilized for any of our advertising solutions on the site.

Do I get credit for past referrals?
No. The referral program applies to new members or returning members that you refer on or after February 7, 2011.

What if my referral doesn't select my farm as the referrer?
Sorry, we can't apply referral bonus credits after the member has paid. Please be sure to give specific instructions to your referral farm to select your farm as the referrer before they complete their account registration.

Can I receive cash instead of credits for my referrals?
No. The referral bonus is only awarded in the form of credit to your AN account. However, it is as good as cash the next time you renew or purchase additional AN services!
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