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April 1, 2006  I Bought Alpacas, Now What?


Alpaca Training

I have just purchased a herd of 6 and it seems that they were never properly trained and we are new alpaca farmers; therefore, I had just purchased your video, however, before it arrives I was hoping that you might have some good advice.  I have tried to reach out to some local alpaca farmers to see if they can lend me a hand for a half day, but apparently that is not possible.

Alpaca Training

Thanks for your question.  It is scary to bring home a group of animals and find yourself responsible for their care. I am assuming from the way your question is worded that the people from whom you bought your animals are not offering assistance.

It is a bit like closing the barn door after the "alpaca" is out…but customer support is something to think about if you purchase more alpacas.  The person with primary responsibility for helping you with your new alpacas is the seller.  Many breeders are justifiably put out when people buy alpacas from someone else and then ask them for help. Many breeders are willing to help people who bought their animals elsewhere, provided they are compensated for their time.  I think that is fair enough. Perhaps if you offered to pay a local breeder in your area to come and help you with your new alpacas you might have better luck.

When you ask for help you also want to make sure you are getting good help.  My practitioner program is new and we do not have a big force of Practitioners yet, but we will.  Apprentice Camelidynamics practitioners and Practitioners will be certified by me in the methods that I teach.    Depending on where you live you may find some help from someone in my program, in the form of a one-day workshop, private lessons, or perhaps I am doing a workshop in your area. You can find out about all these possibilities by checking my website

Good luck with your alpacas.





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