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March 16, 2007  Males Not Interested in Breeding.


Alpaca Training

We have 2 junior herdsires; one is 3 years old and the other is 3 1/2.  I really need to use them for breeding but when introducing them to a willing open female, neither has shown interest.  They have well-developed testicles.  Is there a strategy to get their interest and the breedings going?

Alpaca Training

Well...I will do my best to answer this one without offending anyone's sensibilities!  Thankfully animal people get pretty blasé when it comes to reproduction.  I have a couple of suggestions that you might try together or separately depending on your circumstances.

1.  Make arrangements to have your young suitors watch a few breedings.  There is nothing like watching a breeding to get a male in the mood and the sense of competition helps too.  Of course there is a lot to be learned by watching too so you get lots of benefits if you let young males watch the older males go through the whole courtship routine.  If you don't have another male on the place you might try showing them a video with the sites and sounds of breeding.  I know this might sound a bit "out there" but what have you got to loose. Obviously watching the real thing complete with the smells would be the best alternative but a bit of alpaca 'breeding movies' couldn't hurt and you never know.

2.  I would also encourage you to put your problem breeder in with a couple of open females (preferably experienced females) and let him hang out for a few days to a week- take him out and then reintroduce him a day later and see what happens.  I think we often have unrealistic expectations for males... that they will perform like trained seals and breed on cue whenever we want them too.   Particularly in the beginning they may need some private time with an older female who knows the ropes and can encourage him with no one looking. 

I have been told by many people that certain bloodlines are notorious for really mellow males that are really late starters in the sex department.  These males are usually very big, have plenty of sperm but just don't have any libido until they get to be four or so.

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