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    Alpaca Information
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alpacas for sale
Alpaca Information
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Alpaca Information


Blue Eyed Whites      New ~ July 2007!

Much controversy and secrecy revolves around discussion and use of blue-eyed white alpacas (BEWs) in breeding programs. Blue-eyed white alpacas are all-white alpacas, with blue eyes, which are often (but not always) deaf.  Read this article

Article Authors:
D. Andrew Merriwether, Ph.D. and Ann M. Merriwether, Ph.D. Nyala Farm Alpacas.

AlpacaNation looks forward to releasing "Alpaca Business 101" in the summer of 2007. This will be a new section on AN that will provide browsers with answers to those commonly asked questions, and articles that will guide them in their early research of the alpaca industry. 

We are pleased to announce that Andy and Ann Merriwether will be contributing selected articles to this section on AN, as well as within the upcoming "Alpaca Business 101" section.  These articles are specifically geared toward introducing readers to the building blocks of the alpaca industry, and aid new breeders.  

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