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Tooth-a-Matic Tooth Plate  New!
For those of you that have told me that you own an animal or two with Wacky Snaggle teeth, Consider getting an extra Tooth-a-Matic base plate. We now offer 4 sizes of toothplates to accomodate the snaggle toothed Alpaca AND lama size as well . The sizes are AN (alpaca Normal), AC (alpaca custom), LN (lama normal), and LC (lama Custom).To change from the standard tooth plate (AN) to a custom or lama sized tooth plate, Simply remove the 4 screws of the tooth plate, and attach the custom plate.Some breeders have had good success in buying an additional AN plate and modifying it themselves to make the perfect fit,

Some breeders prefer to buy 2 Tooth a Matics trimmers and not waste time changing plates when doing a group trimming. Great idea, breeders!

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Price: $35     Quantity
per size 
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 4 sizes! Alpacas AND Llamas
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