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Needlepunched Quilt Batting  New!
Quilt Batting

Our premier product is our "Pacafil Alpaca Inside™" quilt batting. If you are a quilter, you will find this batting the most luxurious you have ever used. In side by side tests, this batting has proven to be a perfect complement for the inside of your next quilt that you have so meticulously prepared. After spending so many hours assembling your beautiful quilt top, why not use the batting that will keep your family snuggly warm with "Pacafil Alpaca Inside™"!

Other alpaca breeders have attempted to create and market quilt or comforter batting with loose alpaca fiber. The problem with this type of batting is of "bearding", the migration of the super fine alpaca fiber through the outer fabric covering. Our "Pacafil Alpaca Inside™" alpaca batting is unique because it is produced with a process called needlepunching. It is available in an Alpaca/wool Blend and Alpaca/Cotton Blend and is available in queen, twin, lap, and craft sizes

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