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Silver Shield Liquid 
An Effective Immune System Booster

Silver Shield Liquid provides 20 ppm of silver that stays suspended in purified, deionized water. Silver products have become popular alternatives to other products on the market. Just 1 teaspoonful provides a full 100 mcg of pure silver without heavy metal contamination.

* Provides more powerful support to the Immune System.
* Uses only the finest nano sized particles to ensure maximum bio-avalability and efficiency.
* Is completely non-toxic with no heavy metal contamination.
* Acts as an EPA-approved surface disinfectant.

* Dosage Info:
Animals: Give 1 to 3 teaspoonfuls daily. Give orally or top-dress food.

Humans: Take 1 teaspoonful with a meal three times daily.

Silver Shield Liquid is also gentle enough for application to the eyes, ears and nasal passages.

Dosage is for a 150 Lb. animal or human. Adjust dosage for weight.

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 Silver Shield Liquid
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