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The Alpaca Breeding Book 
Over the years many alpaca owners shared with us the trouble they were having breeding their alpacas. Some of the female alpacas did not want to breed and other females were having problems with maintaining their pregnancy.

I wrote "The Alpaca Breeding Book" to help alpaca owners learn about alpaca behavior and how they reproduce. This book will serve as a guide as you breed your alpacas and it will help you get your females pregnant. I hope you all have many successful breeding seasons and a brighter future raising alpacas. ~ KD

Available in paperback or kindle.
Please note that the paperback version of this book is in black and white, only the electronic format is in color.

For more information and the full table of contents click the buy now button to visit our website

Price: $19.95     Quantity
Kindle ebook 7.99 

 Alpaca Breeding Book
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