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100% Alpaca Dryer Balls- Jumbo Size!  New!
Alpaca dryer balls are a safe chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners which can contain irritating synthetic dyes and perfumes.Alpaca dryer balls are ideal for people with chemical sensitivities or allergies.

We have worked to create the optimal size dryer balls:
* Jumbo Size! Over a 1/3 larger than the average and weigh between 3.0 and 3.75 ounces! This helps to decrease the drying time!
We have developed a process of making the dryer balls from 100% needle felted product- this process makes for a longer lasting product over dryer balls made from roving or yarn
*Reduces drying time by 20%-30%
*Softens fabric and diminishes wrinkles
*Eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets
*No chemicals, free of dyes and perfumes
*Handmade from 100% pure Alpaca fleece.

Just put them in the dyer with your clothes and see the difference they can make in drying time and on your clothes!

Price: $20     Quantity
Set of 2 Dryer Balls 
         (Plus $5 shipping.)

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 Jumbo Size!!
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