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Yarn Rug
Rug yarn from our alpacas, center is cording, not wool Can be bought in natural colors or variegate...
TMA Farm Store
$50 per bump 
Raw alpaca fleece-dark fawn
This is 3.4 lbs. of super soft, prime blanket fleece. It has a lovely crimp and a 2 1/2" staple leng...
Lotis Alpacas
Raw alpaca fleece-dark rose gray
This is 2.5 lbs. of soft, dark rose gray prime blanket fleece. It has a lovely crimp and a 2.5" stap...
Lotis Alpacas


Raw cormo fleece
This product is a yearling fleece blanket from our registered cormo sheep. This particular fleece r...
Eagle Bend's Yarn & Fiber Shoppe
Dryer Balls
100% natural fiber from sheep and alpaca go into making these handmade balls. The less soft sheep w...
Joyful Journey Alpacas
$21.50 3 dryer balls per pk 
Suri Alpaca Core Spun Rug Yarn
Our Suri Alpaca Core Spun Rug Yarn is made using fiber from alpacas here at Heartland "Criations" Al...
Heartland Criations Alpacas' Farm Store LLC
$2 per yard 


Raw alpaca fleece-white
This is 4 lbs. of super soft, prime blanket fleece. It has a lovely crimp and a 3" staple length. No...
Lotis Alpacas
Alpaca Dryer Balls
If you are looking for a natural and earth-friendly way to soften your laundry as it dries, this pro...
The Paca Place
Feather and Fern Scarf Pattern
TAKE 5% OFF! Use code "alpacanation"

Easy Lace Scarf
By Anna Marie D’Addarie
Island Alpaca Company of Martha's Vineyard


100% Alpaca Raw Fiber/Fleece/Wool
This is 100% raw Alpaca fiber/fleece/wool right off of our very own Alpacas. This fiber has not bee...
The Paca Place
100% Alpaca Spinnable Batting - White
This is wonderful 100% Alpaca batting. This is great for spinning or wi...
The Paca Place
Huacaya Fiber Available in an Array of Colors!
Raw fiber available for purchase by the ounce or full fleece. Price is based on quality of fleece a...
Carol Hunsberger/Sunnybrook Alpacas
$9999 Priced Accordingly 


Award-winning alpaca fiber in x colors
Raw alpaca fiber, $13 per pound; will sell smaller amounts.

Colors: white, black, chocolat...
Peppertree Alpacas
$15 per pound 
''Wristlet'' Knitting Kit
TAKE 5% OFF! Use code "alpacanation"

Comes in a kit or you can just get the pattern for $3....
Island Alpaca Company of Martha's Vineyard
The Lucet is used for weaving rug yarn into coils which are then sewn together to make braided rugs ...

Listings 1-15 of 15 | Page 1    1

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