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Kathy Albert
2512 Knox Road 500 East
Rio, IL 61472

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  Heartland Criations Alpacas LLC
Kathy Albert
2512 Knox Road 500 East
Rio, IL 61472 

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Quality Boarding/Agistment

Many people are primarily interested in the investment aspect of alpaca ownership or do not have the facilities to house their animals. We offer state-of-the-art facilities including a newly constructed well-ventilated, well- insulated, well-lit barn complete with dutch-doors, wash rack, and concrete aisle way. Our fencing includes hot-wired, five foot "horse" fence around all pasture/mud lot perimeters and "guard" llamas for added protection. We also pride ourselves in offering your alpacas daily, hands-on care, as well as monitoring and taking care of all regular maintenance of your animals, giving you peace of mind. Our animals are also brought inside every night.

Although we are more than willing to provide you animals with quality care, owners are always welcome to assist with the care of their animals. If you wish to take part in your animal's maintenance, just let us know. We are happy to include you!

In addition, we keep our boarders informed about thei
Pricing and Terms
-Boarding Fees-

-$4.50 per day for the first animal.

-$3.50 per day for the second animal.

-$2.50 per day for the third animal
_Fee rotation for fourth animal is $4.50, fifth $3.50 etc.

***Boarding services paid in full one year in advance
will be discounted 10%.***


Our family has 8,925 breeders, with more joining every day.

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