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Alpacas ALL Naturale'
Candace & Larry Wingo
11366 FM 362 Rd.
Navasota, TX 77868

  Alpacas ALL Naturale'
Candace & Larry Wingo
11366 FM 362 Rd.
Navasota, TX 77868 

Ph1: 936-825-5000
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We have quite a good success record performing rehabilitation on alpacas with a variety of issues. We have taken several "Failure To Thrive" alpacas that everyone said would never amount to anything and turned them around. We have also worked with heat stress issues, taking an alpaca that could not even walk, and getting them back on their feet, walking and grazing with the herd.

Prior to arriving at our facility, all alpacas must be checked and diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian. We will provide holistic rehabilitative care, not to replace veterinary care, but to complement the veterinary care.
Pricing and Terms
$1.00 per minute with a maximum charge of $50.00 per day for daytime rehabilitation care.


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