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  Avalon Farm Alpacas
Donna Pearre
Carole Van House
118 McLaughlin Road
Skandia, MI 49885 

Ph1: 906-869-4086
Ph2: 906-869-4087
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  Avalon Farm Alpacas  (View Farm Page)


We have been pleased to help coordinate the annual Shearing Schedule for Darrin Kennedy and other shearers associated with the well known alpaca shearer, Mark Loffhagen. Like Mark, Darren and most of the shearers are New Zealanders with many years of experience as full time sheep shearers. As a result of the high demand for Mark and Darren's services, other members have been added to this exceptional shearing "team" over the past few years. You may have seen them at work at an AOBA National Conference.

Alpaca shearing typically runs from March thru June. If you need shearing services, contact Helen, Mark's wife, at Provide your complete contact information and the number of alpacas you need to have shorn. I have recently asked Helen to take over my part of the scheduling and she has gratiously agreed to do so. She will be able to assist you, also, with any questions.

Thanks to all the customers with whom I have worked over the past years.
Pricing and Terms
Locations with >20 alpacas = $27 per alpaca(includes travel)
Locations with 20 or fewer alpacas = $30 per alpaca (includes travel)

Additional Details

States Served: IL, IA, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, KS, OH, PA, WI, NH, VT, MA, NY, VA


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