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  Empire Alpacas
Nick & Mikela Chenoweth
P.O. Box 36
406 North Knox
Johnson, KS 67855 

Ph1: 620-492-3738
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  Empire Alpacas  (View Farm Page)

Rescue & Rehabilitation Service

A program that takes in alpacas of all ages that have been abused, unwanted, or not cared for properly, and then rehabilitating them completely from the inside out.

After accepting the management position at our county humane shelter almost 9 years ago, it sickens me to see all of the unwanted and abused animals in the world.

We have taken in 2 complete herds of alpacas; every alpaca is treated individually. Our goal is to get them healthy and mentally stable and then place them with a permanent, loving home.

It's all worth it when you watch an animal go from being ill and scared to death to completely healthy and trusting of humans!

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