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Handmade Goat's Milk Soap

$4.50 New!

100% Alpaca and Alpaca Blend Yarns


Dyed & Natural Color Carded Batts of Alpaca Fiber

$4 $3.50 - $5.00/oz. New!
 From head-to-toe -- we've got you covered!
With products that include garments from hats to scarves to gloves to socks - we've quite literally got you covered from head to toe. We feature some of the most comfortable fiber products you will come across & we offer them at a price with which you can be equally comfortable. Spinners & felters - we offer yarn and raw or carded fiber in a variety of natural & dyed colors. Check out our unique handmade felted items & our best-seller - luxurious goat's milk soap.     Do your Holiday shopping with us!

Our #1 Gift idea:Avoid dry, cracked winter skin with our luxurious handmade goat's milk soap. Need extra care? Order some alpaca felted bars & avoid using your usual rough cotton wash cloth!


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