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 Windy's Dmitri (Vicuna Pattern!)
   Listed by Jackie Armiger
Ric Gaskill
  Type:  Male Huacaya
Status:  Proven

Birthdate:  10/6/2005
Heritage:  1/2 Chilean, 1/2 Peruvian

Registration: ARI Registered
ARI #:  30343894
ARI Color:  Pattern (For Multiple Colors:,Beige,Light Brown)



Aysen's Morena IMPQ98   


Dark Brown, 804807, Full Chilean


Beauty, Wisdom and an Excellent Mother!

Morena is an import and as our first purchase, was our first love! She was imported in 1998 and was an adult at that time when we purchased her from Fenwick Manor Farm. Her DOB is estimated to be in 1995.

She is large, robust with loft, crimp & density, a good looking alpaca!

Micron of 28.3 May 2005 and 29.8 May 2011 at over 15 years old.

Morena's recent cria is a Black Female, "Windy's Katie," sired by our Herdsire, Picchu's Merlin, DOB 11/16/2007.

Morena has retired from breeding due to age & health complications.

Cria History:
Windy's Katie DOB 11/16/2007 (Foundation Female) True Black, sired by Picchu's Merlin.

Windy's Dmitri DOB 10/2005 (SOLD) Light Brown Vicuna, sired by Jaxon's Armani.

Windy's Malvina DOB 6/2004 (Foundation Female) Dark Fawn Vicuna, sired by Jaxons' Armani.

Estella DOB 1/2000 (SOLD) Dark Fawn Vicuna, sired by Bueno del Sol.

Aysen's Arana DOB

  Jaxon's Armani  
    Light Fawn, 825602, 1/8 Chilean, 7/8 Peruvian  

*2nd Get of Sire! - SEPA 2006 Show.
*2nd Get of Sire! - VAOBA 2007 Show.
CHAMPION cria: Windy's Henry - COLOR CHAMPION 2007 SEPA; Windy's Shem - Reserve CHAMPION 2008 SAFONA; Windy's Edward - Fleece CHAMPION 2006 SEPA.

Micron 22.5 in 2011 - 10 Years Old!
Micron 24.7 in 2012 - 11 Years Old!

Offers color and good looks for your female, as well as a wonderful fleece of buttery softness and crimpy bundles from head to toe. At 11 years of age, his fleece is still beautiful and soft. Armani has sired colorful crias from white to black, including beautiful vicuna patterns.

Son of bay black CPeruvian Jaxon, Armani carries black, and displays a variegated fawn fleece. He is also the grandson of Peruvian Macusani, gray.

Sired thirteen beautiful female cria and seven handsome males. In every case, he put crimp and fineness on the cria.

"Ida" Nov 2003 bay black foundation female
"Malvina" June 2004 vicuna foundation female
"Dora," Nov 2004



  Micron Count
2006: May Shearing 2006
AFD 20.2 Micron
SD 4.2 Standard Deviation
CV 20.8 Coefficient of Variation
CF 97.7 % Comfort Factor
Curve 37.2 Deg/mm

2011: May 2011
AFD 24.0 Micron
SD 4.2 standard deviation
CV 17.4 coefficient of variation
CF 92.4 comfort Factor
Curve 37.8 Deg/mm



Handsome Herdsire For Sale, Reduced to $2,000. Availabe for stud, with fee reduced to $800 for 2013.

Wonderful Color in a Light Brown Vicuna Pattern!

Bundled Lofty Fleece with Character!

Hybrid Vigor with Chilean/Peruvian Genetics!

Fleece measurements:
2006 Micron 20.2; SD 4.2; CV 20.8; CF 97.7%; 37.2 Curve
2007 Micron 21.7; SD 3.8; CV 17.7; CF 97.3%; N/A Curve
2009 Micron 26.5; SD 5.0; CV 19.0; CF 81.3%; 31.0 Curve
2010 Micron 26.2; SD 4.8; CV 18.3; CF 82.0%; 30.0 Curve
2011 Micron 24.0; SD 4.2; CV 17.4; CF 92.4%; 37.8 Curve

Dmitri is a proven young herdsire, with crimp and coverage in a heavenly fleece, as well as great conformation with a beautiful topknot and leg coverage!

He is currently bred to Windy's Leyla, with cria due October 2013.

Dmitri's first cria, born to our "Aysen's Mimosa" in November 2009, was a fine fleeced little white female, "Windy's Hannah" (deceased). Dmitri was bred to Mimosa again, but she lost the pregnancy in 2012.

With color genetics from both parents, Dmitri has dark legs, light fawn feet with black, fawn & brown in his face - very pretty colors!

Peruvian Sire: Jaxon’s Armani, light fawn, son of CPeruvian Jaxon, bay black, grandson of Peruvian Macusani, silver gray. Armani has numerous ribbons and his cria are winning as well!

Chilean Dam: Aysen’s Morena, Medium Brown.

Owned by LinJim Alpacas. Currently offered for breeding at Windy Farm Alpacas.

Proven Herdsire, BVD Negative,Offering 6 months board.

  Awards Received
Dmitri's Ribbons:
1st of 2 - Mapaca Jubilee Spin Off 2012 MB Mature
1st of 6 - Safona Spinoff 2010 - Dark Adult - Judge - Kathy Kenworthy.
2nd - Mapaca Cottage Fleece 2012 MB Mature
2nd of 5 - AOBA Nat SpinOff 2007.
3rd - SEPA 2006 Full Fleece Halter.
3rd of 6 -AFCNA National Fleece Show in Las Vegas, August 2006.
3rd - MASS 2007 Full Fleece Halter.
4th of 7 - Empire Fleece 2008.
6th - Mapaca Jubilee 2007 Full Fleece Halter.

Dmitri’s sister, Windy’s Malvina, same parents, has taken ribbons: 1st - SEPA 2005 – Composite, 3rd - Jubilee 2005 – full fleece halter, 3rd - Jubilee 2006 fleece, and 3rd AFCNA National Fleece Show 2006.

Dmitri's half sister's, "Windy's Ida," "Windy's Dora," "Gypsy Angel," as well as his half brother, "Windy's Edward," have also taken ribbons - see sire's listing under "Jaxon's Armani" for specifics.

Dmitri's sire, Jaxon's Armani, also has ribbons - see his listing on our farm page or click on his link to the left on this page under the lineage section.

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