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   Listed by MARY IANNI
  Type:  Male Huacaya
Status:  Unproven

Birthdate:  9/27/2010
Heritage:  7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Other/Unknown

Registration: ARI Registered
ARI #:  32241723
ARI Color:  True Black



WILLOW GLEN'S Pantera   


White, 30800595, 1/8 Bolivian, 1/8 Chilean, 5/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Other/Unknown


Pantera is the first cria sired by our own Bennie. You always wonder how a first cria from a sire or dam will be. We are thrilled with this cria's fleece. Pantera has turned into a calm alpaca who is starting to show a tendancy to be friendly rather than skittish. Quite an accomplishment as that is oposite of her mother! Her fleece has good density and great fineness. Pantera may have one of the best fleeces on our farm.
She loves to run and pronk. Pantera does have an overbite, so she will not be in the showring. But as she becomes of age, we will be showing her fleece as it is so nice.
Pantera's first cria has arrived-a true black male out of our own Hobby Horse Peruvian Whirlaway. We are quite happy that he is showing no sign of anything wrong with his bite. Pantera has turned into a great first time mother with a son full of life and mischief.

  HOBBY HORSE Peruvian Whirlaway  
    Light Brown, 30370210, Full Peruvian  

Whirlaway is a handsome light brown son of 6X Champion CPeruvian Winchester. Whirlaway has excellent conformation and bite. His fleece has a soft handle while having fineness, crimp, and density. His 2010 micron count was 20.8. He has a nice square conformation, and his head has the "Winchester look"!
We purchased Whirlaway from Hobby Horse Farm and we have high expectations for him. His density combined with the fineness of his fleece will compliment our females' fleece. And hopefully add a little more color to our herd. He has begun his breeding career and we already have several of his crias on the ground and more on the way.
Whirlaway's sire, CPeruvian Winchester has offspring that have won at least 34 championships. including Whirlaway's!
His introductary stud fee is $1250.00. Book a breeding to Whirlaway today and add his genes to your herd.

FALL 2010: Whirlaway's 1st crias have arrived. What surprises! A stunning light brown, a white and brown appy, a darling




What a surprise Jaxson was. We had seen that his sire Whirlaway could throw color, but we just didn't expect black from him and a white Dam.
Jaxson's fleece after his first shearing is looking to be some of the best yet from his dad. As to be expected with Whirlaway as a sire and Winchester as a grandfather. Add to that the fact that his mom, Pantera has some of the finest fleece on the farm.
Jaxson is a bit of a show off. He enjoys standing straight with an attitude of "Hey, look at me!" If you are looking for true black, take a look at Jaxson.
He would be a great addition to your herd.

Price: $800 


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