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 Sixth Day Prophetic Silence 
   Listed by Wayne and Leann  Jarvis
Chris Powers
  Type:  Female Huacaya
Status:  Open / Proven

Birthdate:  9/12/2011
Heritage:  Full Peruvian

Registration: ARI Registered
ARI #:  32299243
ARI Color:  White



Bravado's Satin Slippers   


White, 30369849, Full Peruvian


Another of those excellent females that was never offered for sale before. Sixth Day Farms's loss can be your gain.

Sire - Maple Brook Bravado: combining elite fiber traits with strong conformation AND the 'showy' look the judges like. A reliable sire of quality, Bravado has truly been the solid foundation that the Sixth Day herd was built upon.

Dam - PPPeruvian Espirit blessed this farm with several wonderful crias.

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  The Alianza Prophecy  
    White, 1218527, Full Peruvian  

Almost every alpaca breeder knows the great Hemingway. Someday he will have a successor. Could this male be the one to fulfill The Alianza Prophecy? Come see him and decide for yourself, or check out the more than 25 offspring he has on the ground proving his value as a stud.

Sire: Predictor is a Hemingway son. Equally important is his dam, Macarena, perhaps the best Peruvian import I have ever seen.

Dam: PPP Dorsett is another wonderful old Peruvian import. Her line is notable for the similarity in micron between the primary and secondary fibers! This uniformity of fine micron within the staple and across the fleece is what makes alpaca comfortable against the skin - a true luxury fiber.

Prophecy's fleece won the purple banner for Judge's Best at the ABWNY show, out of 80 fleeces entered!

For more about Alianza bloodlines go to

Several impressive Prophecy offspring can now be seen at Sixth Day. Prophecy on Brava



  Sixth Day Prophetic Silence is boarding at: 
Sixth Day Farm West in Wellington , CO

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From a pure Alianza heritage, this young female combines 'showiness' with the fiber traits important in the production of quality textiles - and her pedigree shows she has the genes to reliably pass these highly desirable traits on to her offspring: EVERY alpaca in Silence's pedigree is high-end. An elite alpaca by any measure.

Skin Biopsy Results at 20 months (Watts):
Follicle Density: 70.4 / mm2
S:P Ratio: 11.4:1
Dp:Ds Differential: 6.9u

Sire: The Alianza Prophecy - Silence is another example of why we like the "nick" of Prophecy bred to Bravado daughters. A grandson of Hemingway AND the outstanding Macarena, crossing Prophecy to Bravado daughters doubles up on the genes of both of these outstanding alpacas.

Paternal granddam: Dorsett - another of our treasured females from the 'PPP' importation. Dorsett maintained uniformity of micron and fine fiber through the years, traits that have made the best of the Alianza imports famous.

Dam: Bravado's Satin Slippers - As mentioned, the Bravado daughters are 'nicking' well with Prophecy. But... Bravado daughters ought to make most any sire 'look good'! We believe Bravado is one of the best Bueno sons. The Bueno line has been used successfully with nearly every other bloodline in the North American alpaca gene pool.

Maternal granddam: Espirit - Silence's maternal granddam was another treasure from the 'PPP' importation. Outstanding for fineness, uniformity of micron, lack of 'hairiness' - and she maintained those traits into her teens.

Silence is located at Sixth Day Farm West in Wellington, CO.

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