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 Sixth Day Tempestís Tahira 
   Listed by Wayne and Leann  Jarvis
Chris Powers
  Type:  Female Huacaya
Status:  Open / Unproven

Birthdate:  7/28/2016
Heritage:  Full Peruvian

Registration: ARI Registered
ARI #:  35193623
ARI Color:  White



Sixth Day Liberty's Teagan   


White, 31881890 , Full Peruvian


If you want to own, show, and breed high-end alpacas, you MUST see this one. In the meantime, check out her pedigree.

'Why Does a Pedigree Matter?'

"Every animal is basically two animals: its phenotype and its genotype.

'Phenotype' - means everything you can see or measure: the speed of a racehorse, the color of an alpaca, crimp style, fineness of a fleece. ('Type' means the characteristics that distinguish one breed or species from another: in other words, does it LOOK like a Doberman or a Rottweiler? The difference is type. 'Good type' for a Doberman is different from good type in a Rotti.)

'Genotype' - is the complete genetic makeup of an individual, aka its 'genetics' or DNA.

The phenotype of an animal is the result of a complex interplay between its genes and its environment. In other words, what an alpaca looks like may not be an accurate picture of the genes it carries. One example is body condition; animals may have a genetic tendancy to

  Sixth Day's Prophetic Tempest  
    White, 31493086  

This young male is the result of the best ďnickĒ we have found in our breeding program, breeding Prophecy to a Bravado daughter. The result was a fine Alianza herdsire with the best combined EPDs of all of our males. Soon we will have a skin biopsy to post as well to show his quality as a herdsire. We just made him available for breeding this spring and he already has eight confirmed pregnancies. We are still offering breedings at $1000 which is a bargain considering his pedigree and his EPDs.



  Sixth Day Tempestís Tahira is boarding at: 
Sixth Day Farm West in Wellington, CO

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This young maiden is one of the "next level" alpacas for Sixth Day Farm. Her sire Tempest brings in the high staple length to go with the ultimate fineness traits of Teagan. Now you have top level genetics for both fleece quantity AND fleece quality. She has the second best EPD index in our entire herd, and probably THE most balanced EPD index. If I could only have one female to start a new herd with it probably would be this one. But, like all the rest of our alpacas she is priced to sell. Only one person can get this one though, don't hesitate.

Tahira is located at Sixth Day Farm West in Wellington, CO.

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