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 Rosehaven's Peruvian Silver Crown (DRG Res. Champion!)
   Listed by Jackie Armiger
Ric Gaskill
  Type:  Male Huacaya
Status:  Proven

Birthdate:  7/26/2008

Registration: ARI Registered
ARI #:  30470309
ARI Color:  Dark Rose Grey



OMA Isabella   


Light Silver Grey, 1332728, Full Peruvian


Isabella made her television debut on the View January 25th. She was incredibly poised and well behaved. I wish we could say we had something to do with that - but I think it's just in her genes. one of the hosts of the View thought she looked like Liza Minelli..... (LOL)

Isabella is a full peruvian from impressive genetic lines. Her sire is SA Peruvian Dark Knight whose sire is Peruvian Camelot. On Her dams side Bella Teresa is the daughter of CPeruvian Jaxon. Isabella has a lovely topknot, a nice soft handle, good crimp and excellent conformation. To watch her move in the fields is like watching poetry in motion. She is a delight to watch. And she is a picture hound! I have tried to take so many different pictures of other alpacas in her pasture and everytime Isabella trys to monopolize the photo. I have more noses and walk thrus of Isabella than any other alpaca. She's a hoot!

  Captain Nemo  
    Dark Rose Grey, 849790, Full Peruvian  

Rosehaven Alpacas is proud to own the elite Full Peruvian Captain Nemo. He is as rare as they come. Full Peruvian, solid dark rose gray!!! Do a search for solid dark rose gray - there are very very few. This male has it all....color, fineness, crimp, charisma, presence, and attitude!! His fleece (18.6 micron) has a uniform fine handle and crimp. He has consistent gray fiber throughout his blanket. His sire, 5Peruvian Santana, is an AOBA 2000 Blue Ribbon winner in halter competition and the AOBA 2003 and 2004 Blue Ribbon in fleece. His dam, Dona Perlas, Is the 2001 PAOBA Breeders Showcase Reserve Color Champ for gray females. Her sire is 6Peruvian Dom Timbo 5042, a superb dark silver gray hersire owned by Magical Farms. This guy has inherited the best from both parents with impeccable fiber, conformation and presence. And not only did he inherit it - but he is also passing it on. check out his progeny. So put Captain Nemo at the helm and steer your breeding program on the right course!



  Micron Count
2012: OFDA 2000 May 2012 Shearing:
Micron 25.7
SD 4.5
CV 17.6
CF 85.9
Curve 32

2010: OFDA 2000 May 2010 Shearing:
Micron 21.0
SD 4.1
CV 19.7
CF 96.8
Curve 39.1



Rosehaven's Peruvian Silver Crown - Dark Rose Gray!

For Sale $4000
For Stud $1200

3 Reserve Champions!

2010 - Mic 21.0; SD 4.1; Curve 39.1
2013 - Mic 22.2; SD 4.1; Curve 37.4
2014 - Mic 23.9; SD 4.3; Curve 36.8
2015 - Mic 26.3; SD 5.2; Curve 34.5
2016 - Mic 25.9; SD 4.8; Curve 32.5

Rosehaven's Peruvian Silver Crown is a chip off the old block from Captain Nemo. He is a modern dark rose grey, that has a very even grey running through his fiber, zipper crimp. His handle is very soft. Jude Anderson who gave him his first blue, mentioned that he had the most even color and fleece she had seen in a solid rose grey.

Cria History:
1st - DOB 9/2012 - fawn female, "Silver Filigree," with gray points and bright, beautiful fleece!

2nd - DOB 10/2012, beautiful Classic Rose Gray female, "Windy's Catherine."

3rd - DOB 5/2013, Bay Black male, "Lenny," born to our customer's dam. (For Sale)

4th - 11/2013, Ms Mercer, a Modern Dark Rose Gray female. Looks like a copy of Silver Crown!

5th - 11/2014, Windy's Josie, a tightly bundled & tightly crimped vicuna pattern female, born to Nitamatak.

6th - DOB 6/2016, Windy's Malcolm, a fine fleeced vicuna patterned male.

7th - DOB 7/2016 Windy's Sandi, a silky FINE fleeced brown male. (For Sale)

Currently bred to Windy''s Stella, due fall 2019.

For Stud, offering 2 months board, pregnancy confirmation & live birth guarantee.

  Awards Received
Highest Score in Color Group - 2013 Mapaca Spin Off
Reserve Champion & 1st - 2010 Empire Fleece - Juvi
Reserve Champion & 1st - 2010 MD Show&Sale Yearling Halter
Reserve Champion & 2nd - 2010 NJ Show&Sale Yearling Halter
1st of 3 - Mapaca Jubilee 2013 - Spin Off (Score - 83)
1st - Mapaca Jubilee 2013 Cottage Fleece (Score 77.75)
1st - Minnesota Expo 2011 Yearling Fleece
1st - Shepherd's Harvest 2011 Yearling Fleece
1st - Spring Bling 2011 Yearling Fleece
1st (of 3)- NorthEast Alpaca Show 2009 - Juvenile Halter
1st - NJ Alpaca Classic 2009 - Yearling Halter
2nd of 3 - NJ Classic 2013 SpinOff - Score 84.5
2nd (of 3) - Great Midwest 2011 Fleece Yearling
2nd - North American2010 -Yearling Halter
2nd (of 4)- PAOBA 2010 Yearling Halter
2nd (of 4)- SEPA 2009 Yearling Halter
2nd (of 5)- PAOBA 2009 Juvenile Halter
3rd (of 4)- Mapaca 2010 Juvenile Fleece
3rd (of 5)- AFCNA Fleece 2010 Yearling
3rd (of 7)- Mid America 2010 Juvenile Fleece

Price: $4000 


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