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Fine Bruxo Daughters in color Sold!
Image is being processed by ANTwo proven and bred suri dams with fine suri fleece and outstanding conformation. These girls are both young, proven Bruxo daughters who have thrown suri crias. We guarantee suri crias with each of these breedings, with a 30 day live birth guarantee.

Lyra is bred to Tex for a fall 2010 cria in a dark color. Sarafina is bred to Duranzo's Dynasty for a spring 2011 cria, likely to be fawn to brown. These girls and their crias will bring fine uniform fiber production in color to any suri breeding program.

Have you had the chance to study the suri importations? Did you know that ALL suri color comes from breeding white suris to colored huacayas? The more you learn, the more it's clear to see that suris and huacayas are closely related. All colored suris have huacaya ancestors somewhere in their pedigree, but not all suris are descended from Bruxo. Bruxo genetics confers fineness, uniform fiber along with perfect bite and conformation.

If you'd like this option, we'll include a suri gelding in your package. Geldings are they're so helpful in managing an alpaca herd, especially for weaning juvenile males!

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Alpacas included in package:  (5 alpacas) 
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Sarafina Tickle - Suri, Bred Female, Light Brown
Sarafina is a Bruxo daughter in color. She's a brown suri out of a fine-fleeced, true black Chilean dam. Her dam line carries the genetics of the wonderfully hardy Chilean alpacas, who breed and birth easily with plenty of milk.

Her frame is well proportioned and she has a perfect bite. Her suri fleece...Read More

High Voltage Vortex - Suri, Male, True Black
Tex is a true black suri with true black on both sides of his pedigree for 3 generations. He has stunning conformation, perfect bite, high luster and high vigor.

His suri fleece is that astounding deep black color that draws the eye from across a big field. He has proven himself in our color program wit...Read More

Henry Tickle - Suri, Male, Medium Brown
Henry is a sweet yearling boy with a wonderful disposition and a fine brown fleece. His white face makes him easy to find in the herd. Henry has the kind of personality that makes your heart melt; he's the yearling boy who comes to see if you've brought him something lovely, or if you just need a kind hum.
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