Alpaca Heights: Sales List
Alpacas for Sale (15)
Huacaya Open Females 
ALH Laurent's Glamour - Light Fawn, Unproven, $600
ALH Laurent's Layla - Light Fawn, Unproven, $400
ALH Melina Gold - White, Proven, $1500
ALH Oreo's Peruvian Tasha - Medium Fawn, Proven, $500
ALH Vivienne's Promise by Vortex - Light Fawn, Unproven, $1500
ALH Vortex's Valentina - White, Unproven, $1500
ALH Vortex's Veanna - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $900
ALH Vortex's Victoria - Beige, Unproven, $400
Alpaca Heights Misha Gold - White, Proven, $400
Goldsmith's Peruvian Goldilocks - Light Fawn, Proven, $600
Huacaya Males 
ALH Capt. Midnight's Tomahawk - Medium Fawn, Non-Breeder, $200
ALH Midnight's Co-Captain - Bay Black, Non-Breeder, $200
ALH Vortex's Valentino - Light Fawn, Non-Breeder, $200
ALH Vortex's Venturo - White, Unproven, $400
ALH Vortex's Vista - White, Unproven, $700
Package Deals (1)
7 Full Peruvian breedable open females from Michigan - $0
Sold Alpacas (61)
Alpaca Heights: Foundation Herd
Foundation Herd (2)
Huacaya Males 
PHA Accoyo Vortex - White, Proven
TCB's The Oreo Kid - Dark Silver Grey, Proven
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  ALH Capt. Midnight's Tomahawk

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