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7 Full Peruvian breedable open females from Michigan Sold!
Image is being processed by ANI’ve raised alpacas for 20 years. It's time to pass the baton to another breeder who can enjoy them. These girls represent the top females in my herd. I would love for them to sell together and have priced them below value.

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ALH Vivienne's Promise by Vortex - Huacaya, Female, Light Fawn
Another PHA Accoyo Vortex daughter carrying those rare Accoyo Elite genetics! She's 3/4 Accoyo and her dam is a Color Champion. Heavy fleece weight, fineness, bright & crimpy. A superb foundation female prospect. She is open and receptive and represents one of the best on my farm....Read More

ALH Vortex's Valentina - Huacaya, Female, White
Shocking bright white, fine, crimpy & dense, just like her herdsire quality full brother Vista. They represent some of the best whites on my farm. I absolutely love all Vortex offspring fleeces. ...Read More

ALH Laurent's Glamour - Huacaya, Female, Light Fawn
I like what this girl offers. She has quality written all over her thanks to the breeding behind her. Fantastic female with a bright future. I don't think you'll find this combo of genetics on very many farms but mine...namely Altiplano Gold, Accoyo Goldsmith, Accoyo Elite...I have sons of all these influential...Read More

ALH Melina Gold - Huacaya, Female, White
My most beloved alpaca on the farm. I love what she produces when bred to Accoyo Vortex or Providence Laurent.

You have whites, and you have some REALLY nice whites. 1/4 Accoyo Melina fits into the really nice category. No surprise when you see her dam and sire, and grandsire (Altiplano Gold).

Gre...Read More

ALH Vortex's Veanna - Huacaya, Female, Medium Fawn
Beautiful girl with lots of eye appeal. Her caramel colored fleece is dreamy. After shearing each year I cannot wait to get it shipped off to the mill to be turned into yarn. I have a thriving seasonal retail demand for items that are actually made from fleece from my herd and Veanna's will be all used for hat ...Read More

ALH Oreo's Peruvian Tasha - Huacaya, Female, Medium Fawn
Tasha is a rare mother that allows other crias to nurse off of her, a blessing if you have crias that need an extra boost. Despite the extra milk production she is able to maintain her weight just fine.

Tasha is currently open and receptive. She has been a trouble-free female and an excellent mother to her...Read More

ALH Laurent's Layla - Huacaya, Female, Light Fawn
Layla is the shortest female I have on the farm and she is one of the cutest. I think she is too small for breeding purposes but delightful for producing nice fiber. ...Read More