Alpaca Heights: Product List

Fiber Processing

JIFFY FIBER TUMBLER (Registered Trademark) Since 2008

Outerwear & Accessories

HAT - Ponytail hat in winter white (undyed)


MITTENS for kids!
$20  New!
HAT- Ponytail hat in shades of gunmetal blue
$49  New!


MITTENS - Boucle lined LARGE


GLOVES-Embroidered Bohemian alpaca gloves
$36  New!
MITTENS-Boucle lined SMALL
$38  New!


SOCKS - Men's Alpaca Socks for casual/dress
$20 free shipping 
HAT-Ladies uniquely designed dark
$39  New!


MITTENS - Boucle lined MEDIUM
$38  New!
HAT- Teal blue Ladies, hand dyed & handknitted


FELTED MITTENS from MICHIGAN, the ultimate mitten!
$68 free shipping in U.S  New!
SOCKS-Extreme crew length
$29 free shipping 


SOCKS-Outdoorsman boot length
$26  New!
HAT - Beanie for Men/Women
$39 Free shipping in U.S 


SOCKS-Paca Socks by Classic Alpaca
$19  New!
SOCKS - Ladies Alpaca Socks for casual/dress
$20 free shipping 


HAT - Beanie earflap snowflake
INSOLES made from felted alpaca fleece
$17 free shipping in U.S 


HAT-Ladies uniquely designed light color
$39  New!
HAT - Ponytail hat in purple shades


$34  New!

Pet Accessories


CATNIP balls for Cats!
$20  New!

Sweaters & Apparel

VEST-Women's Ridgeport Zip Vest in black
$155  New!

Toys & Teddy Bears


TEDDY BEARS- 15 inch