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  Farm Owners
Jacki & Joe Kraft

Farm Address
3606 Blackberry Lane
Westlake, OH 44145

Important Phone Numbers
  Ph1: 440-478-2610
Fax: 440-734-6386 (call first)
 Web Site:

Additional Contact Info: 
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Herd Count Statistics

Females: 20 Huacaya, 0 Suri
Males: 6 Huacaya, 0 Suri
Geldings: 0 Huacaya, 0 Suri

* Some of our alpacas are boarded at the following farms:

   Our Little World Alpacas
   Grafton, oh

   Color Your Herd
   Elyria, oh

   M-R Alpacas Ranch Inc
   Wakeman, oh



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Here at Starling Farms, LLC, we breed for quality huacaya alpacas. We strive to produce a variety of colors, focusing on quality instead of quantity. We breed for great conformation, strong bone and a fine,
dense fleece with good crimp structure. We select excellent bloodlines whether they ha...   Read more
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Foundation Herd (7)
Services Offered (4)

Herdsires (9)
Huacaya Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
AGO Dobie - White, Proven, $500
Alpaca Knights Mr. Sparks - True Black, Proven, $1000
Bentley's Accoyo Autobahn - White, Proven, $500
Dove Creek's Nehushtan - Medium Rose Grey, Proven, $1000
Duke of Wakeman's Court Jester - Light Rose Grey, Proven, $1200
MFI Peruvian Legendary - Light Fawn, Proven, $1000
MFI Prince of Darkness - Medium Brown, Proven, $1000
Michelangelo's Duke of Wakeman - Dark Brown, Proven, $1200
Picchu Monte Cristo Cloud - Dark Rose Grey, Unproven, $500
Alpacas for Sale (91)
Huacaya Bred Females 
AGO Anastasia - Dark Fawn, Unproven, $2100
Blue Heaven Ekko - True Black, Proven, $500
Bodie's October Sky - White, Proven, $2000
Lejac's Shiny Copper Penny - Dark Brown, Unproven, $3300
Merrimac's Brisbane - Medium Brown, Proven, $2800
OPAF Curly Sue - Dark Fawn, Proven, $2200
SBF Aurora - Beige, Unproven, $700
SBF Peruvian Satin - White, Unproven, $900
Socosani's Vintage Swiss Miss - Bay Black, Proven, $5000
Tahitian Silver Pearl - Medium Silver Grey, Proven, $4500
Titan's Bambina - Medium Fawn, Proven, $4800
WWFC Rebecca J Cole - True Black, Proven, $4000
WWFC Ruth Fulton Benedict - Dark Brown, Proven, $4000
Huacaya Open Females 
Absolut Melody - True Black, Proven, $3000
AlaMar's Ebony Gold - True Black, Unproven, $550
Alpaca Suites Platinum Kisses - True Black, Unproven, $1000
Alpaca Suites Windswept Lace - White, Unproven, $1000
Ariana by Prince of Darkness - Medium Rose Grey, Unproven, $5000
Atlantic's Janoops - Dark Brown, Proven, $300
Atomic Olivia Neutron Bomb - True Black, Proven, $1600
Benchmark's Peruvian Aletha - Light Fawn, Proven, $500
Benchmark's Tom Boy by Royal Apollo - Medium Fawn, Proven, $500
Blue Heaven Cinnamon - Dark Fawn, Unproven, $2500
Blue Heaven Obsidian - True Black, Proven, $800
Briar Hill Farm Alpacas Sasha - White, Proven, $500
Calita - Medium Fawn, Proven, $1000
Cavalier Maggie - Medium Brown, Proven, $500
Close-Knit Hannah's Grace - Dark Rose Grey, Unproven, $550
Court Jester's Kristina - Dark Silver Grey, Unproven, $2000
Crescent Moon's Giggles - White, Proven, $3500
Delfina D678 AOA - Dark Fawn, Proven, $350
Duke of Wakeman's Lady Wellington - Dark Fawn, Proven, $2000
Duke of Wakeman's Reign - Beige, Unproven, $2000
FMA/PML Challengerís Edens Edge - Medium Brown, Proven, $3500
Giselle's Cupcake - Dark Brown, Proven, $500
Jest in Time - Pattern, Proven, $350
Karizzma - Medium Fawn, Proven, $1500
Libertee Belle - Dark Brown, Proven, $2000
Little Blessings Ivory Princess - White, Proven, $250
MFI 4 Minit Mile - Beige, Proven, $4500
MFI Sugar Coated - White, Unproven, $4500
Michelangelo's Elegance - Dark Fawn, Proven, $2500
Miracle Bianca - White, Proven, $2000
Mr. Spark's Cynder - Dark Brown, Unproven, $4500
OPAF Desi Jo - White, Proven, $800
OPAF Kendra's Kallie - Dark Fawn, Unproven, $1000
OPAF Sassy's Sara - Medium Brown, Unproven, $1000
Rhett's Madisyn - Light Brown, Unproven, $1000
Rosalind Franklin - Medium Rose Grey, Proven, $3000
SBF Gabriella Isabella - Dark Silver Grey, Proven, $2000
SBF Piper - White, Unproven, $350
Shoreline's Diamond - True Black, Proven, $800
Sinbad's Cinna-Rose - Dark Rose Grey, Proven, $1000
Sinbad's Clover - Medium Brown, Proven, $4000
Starling Farm's Dawn Early Light - Beige, Unproven, $2000
Starling Farms Dynasty by Nehushtan - Medium Brown, Unproven, $3000
Starling's Titania by Nehushtan - Medium Rose Grey, Unproven, $6000
Sunset Hill's Lion's Blush - Beige, Proven, $1000
Surefire's Suzie - Dark Fawn, Proven, $500
Tri-D Deana - Beige, Proven, $2500
Turtle Creek Prince's Carmelita - Medium Brown, Proven, $1250
Wooly Acres Felicity - Pattern, Proven, $750
WWFC Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell - Bay Black, Unproven, $3500
WWFC Olive Ann Beech - Dark Fawn, Unproven, $4000
Huacaya Males 
AGO Dobie - White, Unproven, $3000
Alpaca Knights Mr. Sparks - True Black, Proven, $2000
Alpaca Suites Courageous Spirit - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $3500
Alpaca Suites Ignatius Stephen - Dark Brown, Proven, $300
Bentley's Accoyo Autobahn - White, Proven, $3500
Blue Heaven Giovanni's Georgio - Medium Silver Grey, Unproven, $500
Casino Man - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $3000
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit - Dark Rose Grey, Unproven, $2500
Enzo and Garin - , Unproven, $500
Excelsior's Patriotic Spirit - Pattern, Unproven, $2600
Johnny Rebel - Medium Silver Grey, Unproven, $500
LeJac`s Royal Scottsman - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $100
Mesquite's Tropical Storm - Light Fawn, Proven, $3000
MFI Prince of Darkness - Medium Brown, Proven, $6000
My Taylor Made by Craftsman of OLWA - White, Unproven, $300
OLWA Princeton - Medium Rose Grey, Unproven, $1500
SA Peruvian Noche Negro - Bay Black, Proven, $2500
SBF Balthazar - Medium Brown, Unproven, $500
SBF Peruvian Maverick - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $500
SBF Saigon - Light Fawn, Unproven, $500
Sir Rocky - White, Proven, $750
Stainless Steele - Medium Silver Grey, Proven, $2000
Stratacaster 'Strat' - True Black, Unproven, $250
Wyatt's Orion Boy - Dark Silver Grey, Unproven, $2000
Suri Open Females 
FC Isabella - Medium Brown, Proven, $800
FC Maggie Mae - White, Proven, $800
FC Olivia - White, Unproven, $800
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Fiber Lots for Sale (4)

Sold Items (380)



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