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  Farm Owners
Tim & Eldonna Graber

Farm Address
18735 NW Dixie Mt. Rd.
North Plains, OR 97133

Important Phone Numbers
  Ph1: 503-647-3519
Ph2: 503-778-0246
Fax: 503-647-2223
 Web Site:

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Herd Count Statistics

Females: 130 Huacaya, 0 Suri
Males: 22 Huacaya, 0 Suri
Geldings: 0 Huacaya, 0 Suri

A total of 152 alpacas reside at North Plains Alpacas.


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Always Going Forward!! Lingering Fineness!
Image is being processed by ANWe started our business the summer of 2003. We are happy to join a humm'in business and privileged to own such wonderful animals. We are dedicated to producing alpacas who will maintain their fineness and reproduce offspring to do the same. Have you ever heard someone appreciate the sweater they are wearing by saying, "Wow this sweater must have come from an alpaca with a nice head, or must have ...   Read more
  Our Featured Alpaca: NPA Peruvian Lolita

Color: White
Status: Unproven
Price: $0
  Our Featured Herdsire: MFI & LMFI Peruvian Baird
New to the NW!
Give us a call for furthur details, ask for Tim!

Color: True Black
Status: Proven
Price: $0
  Our Current Sales List  
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Foundation Herd (24)
Services Offered (1)

Herdsires (16)
Huacaya Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
DDF Peruvian Rico Suave - White, Proven
Fir Cove's Accoyo Avalanche - White, Proven, $1500
MFI & LMFI Peruvian Baird - True Black, Proven
Mountain West Fletcher - Beige, Proven, $1500
NPA Accoyo Antonio - White, Proven, $2500
NPA American Washington - White, Proven, $1750
NPA Peruvian Derringer Suave - White, Unproven, $1000
NPA Peruvian Emilio Suave - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Gideon Suave - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Hollister - White, Proven, $1000
NPA Peruvian Micro - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Orion Suave - Pattern, Proven, $1500
NPA Peruvian San Sebastian Suave - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian San Simeon Suave - White, Proven, $2500
NPA Romeo Suave - White, Proven, $1500
S&L Peruvian Bandito - Dark Silver Grey, Proven, $1500
Alpacas for Sale (91)
Huacaya Bred Females 
American Sunshine of NPA - White, Proven
Eagle Valley Miracle - White, Proven
Eagle Valley Montana - White, Proven
Faith Gal 522 - True Black, Proven
Halo's Angel of NPA - White, Proven
Legend's Peruvian Avalon of NPA - White, Proven
MHF Anna Belle - Light Fawn, Proven
MHF Peruvian Princess - Light Fawn, Proven
MHF Pixie - Light Brown, Proven

MHF Tinker Belle - Dark Fawn, Proven
Mountain West Alexis - White, Proven
My Alegria - White, Proven

Nellie's Girl - Light Brown, Proven
NPA Accoyo Ceneca - White, Unproven

NPA Bridget - White, Unproven
NPA Brooklyn - White, Unproven
NPA Chablis - White, Unproven
NPA Cora - Dark Fawn, Unproven
NPA Danora - Beige, Proven
NPA Juliette - Beige, Unproven

NPA Kianna - Beige, Proven
NPA Madeline Suave - Pattern, Proven
NPA Miranda - White, Proven
NPA Mirasue - Beige, Proven
NPA Neakanee - Pattern, Proven
NPA Oliana - White, Proven

NPA Payton - Medium Silver Grey, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Ally Suave - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Bailey - Dark Brown, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Carerra - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Charleze - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Duchess - Light Fawn, Proven
NPA Peruvian Elsie - Light Fawn, Unproven

NPA Peruvian Gabriella Suave - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Jillian Suave - White, Proven

NPA Peruvian Melody Suave - White, Proven

NPA Peruvian Paloma - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Patrina - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Portia - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Promise - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Sara Lee Suave - White, Proven
NPA Samoa - White, Proven

NPA Sangria - Light Fawn, Proven
NPA Sienna - White, Proven
NPA Violet - True Black, Unproven
NPA Zeta - Bay Black, Unproven
NPA Zoey - True Black, Proven, $7500
PC Emily 312 - White, Proven
Stratosphere's Accoyo Lillybelle - White, Proven

Zion's Peruvian Holly - White, Proven

Huacaya Open Females 
Amerikan Ivy - White, Proven
HPA Peruvian Aconcagua - Medium Fawn, Proven
MHF Honeybunch - Medium Fawn, Proven
Mountain West Eldora - White, Proven
Mountain West Gabrina - White, Proven
Mountain West Geseile - White, Proven
NPA Charity - Light Fawn, Unproven
NPA Daphne Suave - Pattern, Proven
NPA Divinity - Dark Brown, Unproven
NPA Ebony - True Black, Unproven
NPA Freedom - White, Unproven
NPA Halo - White, Proven
NPA Jubilee - Dark Brown, Unproven
NPA Komfort - White, Proven
NPA Margo - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Avianca - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Brook - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Eden - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Florence - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Ginger - Medium Fawn, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Hana - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Jolene - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Lolita - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Rosalinda - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Shasta - White, Proven
NPA Peruvian Tatiana - Light Fawn, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Tessera - True Black, Unproven
NPA Regina - Light Brown, Unproven
NPA Stella - White, Unproven
Huacaya Males 
NPA Accoyo Shadrack - White, Unproven
NPA Cognac - Medium Brown, Unproven
NPA Peruvian August - True Black, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Derringer Suave - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Duke - Light Fawn, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Emilio Suave - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Hollister - White, Proven (1/3 Int.)
NPA Peruvian Persuasion - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian Porsche - White, Unproven
NPA Peruvian San Sebastian Suave - White, Proven
NPA Romeo Suave - White, Proven
NPA Sundance Suave - Light Fawn, Unproven

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