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Cameron Mountain Alpacas
Roy Jacobson & Carolyn Hitchcock   ~   , Barboursville, VA   ~   540-832-3025

We will make every attempt to match ANY terms or deals you see offered anywhere, including leasing females, virtual farm setup, girl guarantees... whatever works best for you.

We do this because we don't want you to buy from a breeder solely or even primarily on the basis of financing terms! We don't think that makes sense in the long term. Its much more important to buy the alpacas you want from people who are able and willing to give you the mentoring you want. Our sales list includes representatives from different heritages, colors and ages and we have priced them with a strong incentive for packaging several. This works to our advantage but it also causes less stress for the alpaca when she is moved if she travels with a buddy.

Consider how much mentoring you can expect to receive! Consider the distance between you and your future mentor! Always ask to see the individual alpaca's records while considering a purchase.

Standard free boarding after sale for 60 days; additional free boarding is available under many circumstances, depending on your situation and the number of alpacas purchased.

30 day live birth guarantee with mentoring; ask about our "girl guarantee."

Free copy of Norm Evans' Alpaca Field Manual or other comparable resource, free halter and lead, our proprietary "Alpaca Herd Management" handbook, free personal herd health mentoring, including monthly 'herd health day' hands-on help until you are comfortable with all procedures.

We routinely give buyers a complete record for each alpaca; our records are extensive and kept as a part of our normal day to day operations.



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