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Colusa Riverside Alpacas
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David & Sheila Scroggins
4360 Indian Creek Rd
Lincoln, CA 95648
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Colusa Riverside Alpacas
David & Sheila Scroggins   ~   4360 Indian Creek Rd, Lincoln, CA 95648   ~   5308639581

All Breeding to Colusa Riverside Alpaca's (CRA) herdsires will be made in full prior to or at the time of breeding. All transport fees will be paid in full prior to or at the time of transport.

Dam owner agrees to pay Colusa Riverside Alpacas all applicable charges, fees, services, and expenses identified on the breeding agreement. All board and dam care charges are due when mare departs Colusa Riverside Alpacas. Dam Owner will pay a late charge of one and one-half percent per month on all past due moneys.

Dam owner, at their expense, will be responsible for checking the pregnancy status of their female.

Dam Care Expenses
It is understood that in addition to the above stated fee, the Dam Owner shall pay board expenses at the rate of $_________ per day for a dam without a cria at side or $_________for a Dam with a cria at side. In addition, owner is responsible for all related veterinary services and expenses including drugs, medications and supplies; and all other expenses reasonable and necessary to insure the well being and breeding of the Dam. CRA shall provide owner with a detailed breakdown of these expenses which shall be due and payable prior to the dam’s departure from CRA.

Herdsire owner will provide herdsire transport to your ranch for breeding under a separate contract to and from your ranch with a distance limit of 150 miles from the Owner's ranch in Colusa CA.

Re-Breeding Privilege /Live Cria Guarantee:
CRA and its custodian anticipate a live cria from a mating. A live cria is defined for the purposes of our contract to be one, which stands and nurses for at least 72 hours. Should the dam abort at any time after being confirmed by ultrasound to be pregnant to the herdsire, or should her cria be born dead, the dam owner is guaranteed a return privilege for the same dam or a substitute dam, during the same breeding season or the following breeding season at no additional herdsire fee. All other fees will still apply, i.e. vet, transport, etc.

In consideration of this above agreement, Dam Owner represents the following facts as to the Dam:
Dam has no venereal disease;
Dam or any of her cria is free of any vaginal discharge;
Dam has not been exposed to any stud for at least 60 days before her arrival at Stud Owner for breeding;
Dam is not pregnant;
Dam has no history of difficulty in conception or in retaining a fetus upon conception;
Dam is free of all infectious and communicable disease.
Provide documentation that dam and cria have been tested negative for BVD virus prior to arrival of the service sire.
Dam has no known genetic defects, such as Chonal Atresia.

If any of these representations are untrue, then the contract can be voided by Stud Owner, and no funds paid will be refunded. Furthermore, Dam Owner will be responsible for any damages caused to alpacas belonging to Stud Owner by such misrepresentation, even if the misrepresentation is unknowing.

The stud fee will be earned upon Stud service. Thereafter, dam owner, at their expense, will be responsible for checking the pregnancy status of their female. The risk of loss for both the dam and cria at side remain with the Dam Owner.

Contract Nullification:
It is understood that should the herdsire die or become unfit for service, and the dam does not produce a cria, the dam owner shall at their option substitute any other herdsire owned by CRA .

Waiver of Liability:
It is understood and agreed that CRA and its agents, employees and associates shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, astray, death or injury which may be suffered by the dam, or any cria of the dam, or for any other cause of action whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with the breeding or provision of any service to the dam. Dam owner understands that CRA does not provide any public liability, accidental injury, theft or Alpaca mortality insurance on the dam or any cria that may be born to the dam as a consequence of breeding the dam to the herdsire, and that all risks connected with breeding or provision of any service to the dam and such cria shall be born solely by the dam owner. Dam Owner hereby agrees that Colusa Riverside Alpaca’s parties shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising from the transactions covered by this agreement, including without limitation any damages arising from the nonperformance of obligations which dam owner may have undertaken to any third party in reliance upon any promises and representations made in this
Agreement. In no event shall CRA be liable for any action or cause of action arising under this agreement exceeds the amount of fees paid by dam owner hereunder.



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