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C R Alpacas, Inc.
Cheryl Palmentera
10045 Bainbridge Road
Auburn Township, OH 44023-5445
About C R Alpacas, Inc.

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Established in 1999, C R Alpacas, Inc. has made consistent progress in producing excellent genetic diversity, providing both large and small breeders premium foundation stock. Our herd of superior Huacaya & Suri alpacas consists of the strongest Peruvian & Bolivian Bloodlines such as Accoyo, Maccusani, Sollocota, Allianza and more.

Our breeding stock possess the strictest attributes for superior conformation, fiber fineness, brightness, luster, density, uniformity, crimp character and the most highly demanded color variations.

Through a controlled herd size we are able to provide individualized love and attention to each alpaca. The benefits are immediately noticeable as our alpacas are physically healthy, have superb fleece coverage, friendly temperaments, are easy to handle and show well in the ring.

Feel free to call or email us to schedule your private consultation and tour as we provide experienced personalized support to new breeders, quality alpacas to choose from, reproductive guarantees, several top-quality herd sires for your additional breeding needs and maintain the highest standards of the Alpaca industry. Most of all, we care about your success! We welcome you to come and choose from some of the best alpacas in the nation!

Check out our alpacas for sale and contact us to come visit our farm at your earliest convenience. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Why are some prices higher than most? Many have visited several farms but when they came to our farm and examined our alpacas they stated to us "now we understand the difference, as yours are the best we have seen so far, so we decided to purchase from you instead"! Other clients have purchased repeatedly as they are very satisfied with our customer services and offspring and have learned to purchase them very young to save on the cost of a future Champion's price. Ours are reasonably priced when born and increases when weaned, then increases again based upon show ribbons and when pregnant or proven.

We have an incredible variety of Alpaca Products in our Gift Shop. Our clothing line consists of 100% Alpaca dress coats, car coats, sweaters, capes, vests, ponchos, slacks, skirts, scarfs, socks, gloves, mittens, and more. We have fluffy toy alpacas, bears, lions, finger puppets, etc. 100% Alpaca fur pelts (by-product by natural death only) & fiber in raw materials, semi-processed for spinners and processed yarns for weaving and knitting, weaving, felting supplies and craft kits. Major Credit Cards through PayPal Accepted!

Farm is located on 18+ beautiful acres in Auburn Township, Ohio. Bordering on the north side of State Route 422 and approximately 3 miles east of Route 306.
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  C R Alpacas, Inc. is our little piece of heaven on earth and our sanctuary. It's a place that once you visit, it beckons you to stay. Creating a sense of pride, thankfulness and gratitude to God for giving us this privilege.

When we look out over the fields and admire the alpacas, the rich colors of the setting sun, the hot air balloons flying overhead, the change of the seasons, the migration of wildlife and the heavenly peace, we give thanks.
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Boasting 18+ years of breeding and show experience! Specializing in elite full Peruvian and Bolivian Huacaya and Suri alpacas (including full Accoyo) and one true black Suri with only a quarter Chilean known for their solid color and quality. We are a full-service farm offering excellent services, financing, warranties, affordable packages, free training, flexible boarding and much more!


Our family has 8,829 breeders, with more joining every day.

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