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Sixth Day Farms
Genetically Improving Alpacas
Wayne and Leann Jarvis
West Farm: Wellington, CO
East Farm:
Brockport, NY
About Sixth Day Farms

Image is being processed by ANWelcome to Sixth Day Farms, where we have farms in both Colorado and New York states, to conveniently serve the whole Continental U.S.


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Many people talk about genetic improvement, at Sixth Day Farms we are actually doing it. We are dedicated to driving the improvement of the North American Alpaca herd. Our comprehensive, selective breeding program has resulted in proven, dramatic, generation over generation fiber quality and production improvements in our herd. We are proud to share the results and are confident you too can benefit in adopting a similar approach.  Let us show you the scientific proof:

·        100 traits of top 1% of EPDs
91 additional traits in top 2% EPDs
·        Fantastic skin biopsy results across our males and females
·        Lifetime production histograms demonstrating lasting fineness
·        Certified fiber sorting results

Sixth Day Farms remains committed to breeding genetically superior alpacas from fine imported foundation stock. We look forward to the exhilarating adventure of participating in the future of the alpaca industry for many years to come. The Sixth Day breeding program has very specific goals, from as soon as next week - until the year 2053. Using 21st century livestock genetic evaluation techniques we are determining Breeding Values & Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) on our alpacas. These computer generated genetic assessments help us select matings that are significantly accelerating the genetic gain in our herd - and more importantly- in the herds of our clients too!?

Call us at either Sixth Day Farms East or Sixth Day Farms West and schedule a visit, or just to talk about selective breeding success principles.

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Prophetic Tempest

Synergy’s Fleece

Learn how to accelerate the genetic gain in YOUR breeding program, by understanding and applying the genetics of animal breeding. We are happy to help.

Ready to take your breeding program to the next level? Or, are you just getting started in the alpaca breeding business? Sixth Day offers breeding stock of superior quality, and mentoring, to help you reach your goals.

We would love to meet you. Let's 'talk alpacas'.

Wayne and Leann Jarvis, Sixth Day Farms East
Chris Powers, Sixth Day Farms West

For articles about the genetics of animal breeding authored by Dr. Jarvis and others, and for more information about the genetic technology we are using, go to
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Sixth Day Farm breeds genetically superior alpacas using 21st century genetic livestock evaluation to determine Breeding Values and Expected Progeny Differences for our alpacas. Many people talk about genetic improvement, at Sixth Day Farm we're doing it! So can you. Learn more about EPD technology at


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