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Siskiyou Alpaca
Traditional practices still work.
Christine & John Gardiner
P.O. Box 2451
Cave Junction, OR 97523
About Siskiyou Alpaca

Our herd is now 20 adult girls and one stud. We would like to donate this herd and 2 LGD Maremma dogs to a small farm school. If you know of a farm school where our herd would be a good fit, please contact us soon. We need to move the herd as soon as possible.

Siskiyou Alpaca promotes alpaca within small-scale sustainable agriculture. We farm in the Siskiyou region in SW Oregon and NW California. We are creating an agricultural producer cooperative, dedicated to preserving the alpaca using traditional livestock economic models.

We offer healthy breeding livestock for sale. Traditional practices means that our alpacas are in robust good health. We shear world-class suri fiber every year for domestic markets. Our shearers are Franc and Harrison Winckle of Premium Harvest Shearing.

Our breeding program is founded on the genetics of Accoyo Bruxo, the greatest suri herdsire ever to enter North America. With Bruxo's genetics, our herd produces fine, uniform suri fiber in white, fawn and chocolate. Siskiyou Alpaca produces suri fiber for diverse markets, from doll hair to fine yarns to rug yarns. We sell raw fleeces, custom suri-blend yarns, alpaca socks, custom hats and finished hides, as well as cured meat products.

The alpaca fits best into the livestock industry when traditional practices are used. Through rotation grazing, we've eliminated use of pharmaceutical drugs. We produce live compost (not manure) for local farmers, gardeners and our famous local Cannabis industry. Siskiyou Alpaca developed a line of alpaca sausages made in Oregon by Taylor's Sausage Co. We also produce bone broth.

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Ppervian Bruxo

Our SW OR farm 07

We're located in SW Oregon in Cave Junction, near the Redwood Hwy 199 junction to the Oregon Caves, Hwy 46.

Please contact us for more information to schedule a
farm visit. We encourage kids to get involved with
Alpacas; they're a lot of fun and there's so much to
useful stuff to learn!
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Siskiyou Alpaca creates an economic framework for alpaca producers to cooperate with each other.


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