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Enchanted Hill Alpacas
When selecting breeding stock, we kept two points in mind:
(1) Our alpacas must be calm and friendly.
(2) The fiber must be interesting, suitable for spinning, & a delight to work with.
Ed & Joanie Kinser
10023 Fortune Ridge Road
Bent Mountain, VA 24059
About Enchanted Hill Alpacas

Image is being processed by ANFound in southwest Virginia, near Roanoke, Enchanted Hill Alpacas is located atop the magnificent rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Plateau, at an elevation of 3000 feet. Cool summers and cold winters, abundant rainfall and piles of snow provide a climate conducive to raising pasture, hay, and a fine herd of huacaya alpacas.

Joanie and Ed Kinser, owners and caregivers at Enchanted Hill, have over 50 years of animal-care experience. Until just a few years ago, appaloosas were so rare that an appaloosa-to-appaloosa breeding was unheard of. Part of this was due to the misunderstanding of the appaloosa gene which had been called a recessive, a partial dominant, an incomplete dominant, or even an "unknown". At Enchanted Hill, after studying every appaloosa pedigree that we could get our hands on, we determined that the appaloosa gene is a dominant, but can only be expressed in the fawn and beige phenotypes (meaning black, white, brown, and grey are epistatic to appaloosa). Since that determination was made, we have been instrumental in breeding a fairly consistent herd of appaloosas, and have helped other herds to do the same.
With Joanie's lifelong interest in fiber, it was a given that one day alpacas would be included on our farm. When we met our first alpacas, it was a classic "love at first sight", so our herd began its formation in the Year 2000. At one time, our numbers were in the 40's, but more recently we've cut back to around 15 animals, with almost all being of the appaloosa color pattern.

The Enchanted Hill herd has had since its inception two common denominators--"friendly" with "fantastic fiber". Our herd is as friendly a group of alpacas as you'll ever want to meet. You may scratch heads, check fiber, and go eye-to-eye with these lovable beasts. You will also find that no two adult animals in the herd are the same shade. Joanie, a hand spinner, has always preferred to work with natural colors of quality fiber.

Additional Farm Photos: (click to enlarge)

Appaloosa Herdsire

Annie and her son

Friendly heads

Spring 06 Crias

Goat pasture friends and their guardian dogs, a
Great Pyrenees and a Bulgarian Karakachan. On bug patrol, you'll see guinea fowl and our own special breed of Hill Roamer chickens. As you sit on a stump and gaze out over the Blue Ridges Mountains, while nuzzled by a doe-eyed alpaca or two, you'll know you're in a little corner of paradise. Come see!

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Update on BVD testing: All of our animals were tested in June '06 for BVD. Since then, new crias and new purchases have also been tested. All results were negatives.
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Breeder Biography

Joanie and Ed Kinser, of Enchanted Hill, have always enjoyed raising animals. Ed grew up on a farm, and both Joanie and Ed raised canaries before they met--in fact, that's how they met! They have one of the oldest herds of Dwarf Goats in the East. Ed is a licensed goat judge. Alpacas have been an easy addition for us.


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