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Image is being processed by ANSpecializing in Suri alpacas, Heartland "Criations" Alpacas LLC is located in the midst of the heartland in west-central Illinois. Forty minutes south of the Quad City area, or fifty minutes west of Peoria, Rio, Illinois is easy to get to.

Our property boasts state-of-the-art facilities for our alpacas' comfort and health, and all of our animals are halter trained and handled on a daily basis. In addition to having livestock you can meet, we have an ever-changing sales list, we love to educate people about alpacas and we have a farm store stocked with alpaca products!

When I first saw an alpaca ad in a magazine, I started my research immediately. When we found out how easy they are to care for, how attractive their personalities are, how easy they are on the land, and the investment potential of owning alpacas, we were hooked! Not to mention, alpaca ownership is fantastic for the whole family because kids can be actively involved in EVERY aspect of the alpaca lifestyle!

Many individuals are interested in alpaca ownership, but do not have the time or facilities to care for the livestock daily. We understand the attraction of alpaca ownership, even when the animals are boarded, and we provide quality alpaca boarding for those individuals. The animals boarding receive the same handling and care as our own, and we monitor all of the animals' maintenance and veterinary needs. Whether you decide to board your alpacas with us or take them home, we offer you superior support both before and after the sale. We are always willing to answer any questions you have in regards to the care, maintenance and management of your alpacas.
We invite you to contact us with your questions and inquiries about alpacas and alpaca ownership. We'd be happy to schedule a farm visit with you as well, so you can see first-hand the gentle, curious nature of these animals. The reality of alpaca ownership is they are TRULY the "huggable" investment.

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+The alpaca is a member of the camelid family.

+There are two types of alpacas, the Suri (long, twisted lock appearance) and the Huacaya (teddy bear appearance).

+Alpacas originate from the Andes plateaus of Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

+Alpaca garments were worn by Incan royalty.

+Importation of alpacas is now closed.

+Alpacas are DNA registered, thus maintaining and improving the integrity of alpaca breeding programs.

+The Suri alpaca's fiber is often compared to cashmere. Since there is no lanolin in the fiber, people who are allergic to wool can usually wear alpaca clothing.

+About 20% of America's alpaca population is Suri and approximately 80% is Huacaya.

+Alpacas are a great investment. Not only are they rare, but there are tax benefits associated with alpaca ownership.

+An alpaca's life span is about 20 years.

+An alpaca, on average, weighs between 120 and 175 pounds.

+The average height of an alpaca is 36" at the withers.

+The average gestation period of an alpaca is 335 days, allowing only one cria (baby) to be born per year.

+Alpaca fiber comes in 22 different natural colors.

+Alpacas only have teeth on the bottom and do chew a cud; however, they are not harmful to the land because they bite off pieces of grass instead of pulling it by the roots.

+Alpacas share a common dung area, thus making pasture cleanup easy.

+Alpacas hum. This is the noise they typically make, but they do make a noise that serves as a warning call as well.

+Alpacas have two toes on each foot, making them split-hoofed animals.

+Alpacas can spit (actually more of a spray) occasionally, but it's generally at other alpacas, not people.
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Specializing in Suri Alpacas, Heartland "Criations" is located in west-central Illinois.Our property boasts state-of-the-art facilities for our alpacas comfort and health, and all of our animals are halter trained and handled on a daily basis.In addition to having livestock you can meet, we have an ever-changing sales list.


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