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Storybook Alpacas
Where Happily Ever Afters Begin!
Joseph and Reba Matern
1051 Reed Rd.
Mansfield, OH 44903
About Storybook Alpacas

Image is being processed by ANOnce Upon a Time there was a man who worked hard at his small business and was under a lot of stress. The man had a wife who liked to write stories for their grandchildren. One day she wrote a story about an alpaca and, along the way, discovered a lot about the quizzical critters. So the man and his wife went to visit an alpaca farm. The man said Ahhhhhhh! And his wife said Ooooooo! And the man and his wife were hooked!

And, Once Upon a Time, there was an old dilapidated horse barn with a little bit of land near where the man and his wife lived. It was very dreary looking. But then Sunshine and Annie came to the barn and brought their pals Coco Moco and Little Ricky. They brightened the barn and warmed the hearts of everyone who came to visit. Soon Carmeltina and her cria (baby) came to join the others. They all played and ran around the pasture together and delighted everyone who came to see them.

Every day the man and his wife came home from work and went up to the barn to visit the alpacas. They gave them some fresh water, some hay and a little feed. Then they watched the alpacas jump and run and play. And the man said Ahhhhhhh! And his wife said Oooooooo! The outside world melted away and their happily ever after began.

After 15 years, it is now time for our next chapter. With aging family living far away and retirement approaching, we are now offering our remaining alpacas at greatly reduced prices. We look forward to helping a few people begin their story and sharing the beautiful alpacas who have graced our pastures. Who will you choose from our herd?

Come visit us at Storybook Alpacas – where happily ever afters begin!

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Storybook Alpacas

Visits and Smiles!

What do we mean by “Small Farm Advantage?” Storybook Alpacas started out with 2 females and 2 companion geldings. Still including the 2 geldings, we now have a total of 16 animals on our farm. The breakdown of the winning animals at Storybook Alpacas includes 5 champions, 2 blue, 2 red and 3 too young to show (all 3 look great!). Even our white animals out of color won 1stand 2nd place – almost unheard of for a small farm, let alone out of color. What will your herd look like? In tough economic times, quality is more important than ever. As a small farm, we are able to hand-pick every breeding and offer attention not possible when quantity prevails over quality. Choose an animal or breeding from Storybook Alpacas, Where Happily Ever Afters Begin!

As our dollar dips, it seems wise to diversify our portfolio with an investment we can put our hands on and also multiply. Alpacas can fit into a multitude of niches. From fleece production to therapy they offer a product of value. At a time when it’s a buyer’s market, now is the perfect chance for you to start your own Happily Ever After with a Storybook alpaca or breeding. If we don’t have the perfect animal for your needs, we know others who do. Call today to begin your best-selling novel!

Whether you are new to alpacas or an experienced breeder, looking for an alpaca for spinning excellent yarn or a show animal, tax advantages or therapeutic value, or a combination of all these alpaca benefits, our goal is to help you find what is right for your farm. To share the value we have enjoyed from these animals with others has been one of the most significant blessings in our life and we look forward to sharing them with you.
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Breeder Biography

Joe Matern came to the United States from Austria as a child with his parents in 1955. They settled here in Mansfield, OH and lived where Storybook Alpacas now reside. Reba came to Mansfield in 1979 where she met Joe and they married in 1984. After a few years of raising children and running Joe's custom metal shop, Alpacas captivated their hearts and their world has never been the same. The couple now looks forward to retiring some day amid quiet days and the gentle hum of alpacas.


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