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Over Home Alpacas LLC
Allen Rebman
43 Midway Road ( Farm )
18 Midway Road ( Mailing )
Bethel, PA 19507
717-673-2539 (Rebman)
About Over Home Alpacas LLC

Image is being processed by ANNestled near the base of the Appalachian Blue Mountain Range in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Over Home Alpacas provides a setting of relaxation and tranquility for the Suri alpacas, that are bred and raised here. The isolation of the farm from roads and neighboring homes provides Over Home Alpacas with an atmosphere of peace and quiet. We have been raising alpacas for 10 years and continue to learn all we can about the beautiful suri alpacas.

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Our farm is a working family farm, having been in the family for several generations. We raise corn, wheat, soybeans and orchard grass hay on our 87 acre farm. Recently our focus has been on raising the best quality orchard grass and alfalfa for alpacas. We have many alpaca owners that use our hay for their alpacas.

A high degree of thought and consideration has produced the end result concerning the design and lay-out of the various pens and pastures. The "pass- through" health areas of the barn provides a practical and efficient method of weighing and providing maintenance care of our alpacas in a calm setting. The gate systems between the pastures were designed to transfer the alpacas to another pasture with ease. The ample number of pastures allow us to rotate the alpacas which allows for the revitalization of the grasses in order to create a healthier environment.

Our alpacas are high quality animals coming from diverse genetics. We have Peruvian, Bolivian, and Chilean genetics, plus a combination of all three. We chose our foundation herd from two well established alpaca farms. Since 2007 our alpacas call Pennsylvania "Home".

We offer agisting and treat your alpacas with the same care and concern as we do our own. All routine health care is included in our agisting fee. We are agisting for other alpaca farms, but have room for your alpacas too. If you need a perfect location, where your alpacas will get the highest care, give us a call. We can provide our clients' recommendations.

Over Home Alpacas has many alpacas for sale. We can help you with your selection, or put a package deal together for you. We offer mentoring to all our clients, no matter how many alpacas are purchased.

We hope that you will consider coming "Over Home" to visit us and to spend time getting to know our alpacas in a peaceful country setting.
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Offering family friendly service and support, Over Home Alpacas is owned and operated by a brother and sister and their spouses. Along with herd management from our son, we are committed to raising quality suri alpacas of diverse genetics. As breeders and owners of over 65 alpacas, our goal is to continue to bred for the best conformation, lock, and luster in our alpaca herd. Come for a visit, you will be pleasantly surprised! Feel at home, at Over Home Alpacas!


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