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Golden View Alpacas & Mini Mill
Dino & Claire Dienst
707 Freda Way
Kodak, TN 37764
About Golden View Alpacas & Mini Mill

Image is being processed by ANGolden View Alpacas& Mini Mill is located in the Smoky Mountains of TN. Our home and farm is located just a few miles off I 40 exit 407 in Kodak, TN. We welcome visitors any time, but a call ahead assures everyone there will be someone here to greet and show you around.
We researched the idea of raising alpacas for about 2 years by visiting farms in the East TN area and reading what we could on the internet. The more we read and visited our local farms, the more the lifestyle intrigued us. Having raised the kids and grand kids on our 7 acres, we decided our home needed something special, and we were pretty sure the Alpaca was it! We decided to try contributing our time to an established farm just an hour drive away. Sherry and Bill Watkins of Frostglen Alpacas were kind enough to mentor us to this new and exciting lifestyle. With 100 + alpacas they welcomed us with open arms. That was 13 years ago. The only thing we could have revised was to make the decision to raise alpacas sooner.
We now have 8 female alpacas 9 males and 1 gelded in a variety of colors ranging from our Mega Watts white, to a few silver grays, fawn, red and black.

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Halter training

Aah! Fresh orchard

This is more than a business to us. Our alpacas are part of the family. We begin each morning cleaning each herds pasture and home area. Making sure minerals are refilled, clean hay is available, getting our morning kisses, doing general paca poo duty and making sure their home is as clean as possible.
In the afternoon all of our alpacas come running to their mowin troughs for fresh orchard hay. To extend the pasture life we let our alpacas graze, occasionally rotating pastures and give them fresh cuts in between. Halter training, leading and walking the alpacas not only makes them more manageable, it allows us to melt away any stress from the other work we do. Treats are also used for initiative and reward training.
At supper time – our alpacas all come running to their catch pen. They need only to see the “red scoop” to know its feeding time. After eating, each alpaca is petted, and given their own special attention and then let loose to play. All moms are checked to make sure their teats are clean and full, baby’s are growing and weighed and all the Aunts and Uncles given treats so they feel special too.
Now we have added to the farm buy investing in our Belfast Mini Mill. We have a tumbler, washer, picker and small carder as well as a draw frame and bump winder. We also love our new wet felter. Give us a call and schedule your fiber processing any time between 7 am and 7pm. You will need to leave a message as we are either on the farm or running the mill. Come, relax and enjoy
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