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Falls Edge Farm & Mill
A little Slice of heaven in the woods, with Gods creatures all around.
Elaine & Patrick DiGirolamo
132 Tripp Road
Benton, PA 17814
About Falls Edge Farm & Mill

Image is being processed by ANWelcome to Falls Edge Farm & Mill, our little piece of paradise in the middle of the woods. Pat & I decided one day that we wanted to quit the rat race in the city and settle down in the woods and just relax - the result of all of this relaxing is one of the craziest most exciting and unbelievable adventures we have ever been on. Lets purchase some property we decided and so we found and fell in love with a beautiful 34 acre parcel of wooded land at the base of Ricketts Glen State Park in the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. That led us to ask what are we going to do with all of that land? Why not put some animals there? One of our choices were Alpacas and as we spent more time with them, we of course fell in love. After a year of visiting farms and going to shows we finally plunged in and made the big purchase, but we still did not have our place set up yet so we spent the next 2 years clearing, building a house and barn, putting in fence and pasture and finally after 3 long years we have them here. What a rush to finally see them grazing so peacefully on our own place. Everyone has been asking us over the years whats your niche? With all of the investigating we have done it was evident to us WE NEED MORE FIBER MILLS!! Our goal then became to process your beautiful fiber into rovings batts & yarns. So See what happens when you have no one to talk to except trees -you wind up with alpaca's, dogs, cats (soon chickens) and now we can announce our newest adventure is the purchase of the fiber mill (formally of Haneke Enterprises). Wow! So much for taking it easy.

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Well the mill has been here for 6 years now and we are busier than we could have ever imagined!
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