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Paul & Sandy Clark
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Zeeland, MI 49464
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Image is being processed by ANWe have 10 acres near Zeeland, MI with only about 3 in pasture. We have two spots for the boys to keep them away from the girls ;). One is across the pond for summer. They go back there after shearing. The other spot is in front of the barn. Girls are in back. Both have their individual shelters. We have always fed have supplemented their diet with some grain. As you all know, they are very picky about their hay, so after much searching, we have found a couple of farmers that keep us good supply of that wonderful soft grass hay they so dearly love.
We have both Suri and Huacaya since some spinners and some mills like both. Sandy makes dryer balls from the short fiber and we have the 1st and 2nds sent for processing to yarn and then to a product mill for hats, mittens and socks to be made. We enjoy meeting people at craft shows and farmers markets to sell our product.
Our two grandchildren love helping. We had a one of our favorite aplacas die in childbirth this year. It was very sad, but our grandkids helped us bottle feed the baby. It grew up just fine and is healthy and active. The kids also help us train them to walk with a lead. We want them well trained before heading to the other side of the barn for shearing. We use a hoist to lift them slightly to trim their nails every few months. The granddaughters help us keep them calm so we can trim their nails safely.

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I fell in love with Alpacas when going to Honduras and Peru many years ago. We have been loving them on our farm for the past 7 years. We started with two 6 mo old boys to see if we would like having them around and kind of pets for the grandkids. Soon we found not only were the easy and a joy to care for, but we had a desire to expand. We added 15 more and we were off to the races. We did not keep up with registering them all as we have focused more on the fiber side of the equation rather than shows and awards. That’s all fun I’m sure, but it wasn’t our personality. We find that our capacity is really 30 and we let ourselves get over-grown the last two years, so you will see that we are moving 13 of them along to a new home. We want to carefully select where they go. Their our babies and we do not want anyone who wouldn’t love and care for them as we do.
We enjoy watching their various personalities. Their just like kids....some are naughty and some are nice....some are sugar and some are spice. Lol.
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