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Spring Ridge Alpacas
Connie & Denny Snell
14695 twp hwy 469
Lakeville, OH 44638
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Connie & Denny Snell   ~   14695 twp hwy 469, Lakeville, OH 44638   ~   419-827-2220

AlpacaNation:  How did you decide on your farm name? Is there a special meaning behind the name?

Spring Ridge Alpacas:  Our home is located in an areaa that has lots of fresh water springs. The water is what I tell people I married my husband for. Thinking of the spring water and the fact there are several ridges around we came up with Spring Ridge.

AlpacaNation:  What advice would you give to those just getting started in the industry?

Spring Ridge Alpacas:  The best advice I could give someone is Research! Ask questions lots and lots, have the hands on with farms that are willing to let you help out. Learn about the fleece and conformation if you are wanting to show. I advice someone asking me questions of prices, colors, etc to come here to Alpaca Nation and search.

AlpacaNation:  Any embarrassing moments you would like to share?

Spring Ridge Alpacas:  Only embarrassing to my husband, but we both got a laugh about it. When we were doing behavior testing of a female and she spit off the male my husband moved the male up the ramp so that I could get the female out. Well the male wasn't choosy of who he tried to get to cush and next thing we knew the male was leaning on my husbands back singing away. Needless to say my husband quickly moved forward and turned around to settle the poor boy down.

AlpacaNation:  How did you become interested in alpacas?

Spring Ridge Alpacas:  The first time we saw an alpaca was at a Home & Garden show where they had a kids petting zoo. I think we did more petting then the kids the first day. Of course fell in love with them and bought our first 2 a month later.



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