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Jerae's Unity Alpacas
Where Two Become One
Jerome & Pam Scruggs
1338 Henson Rd
Blairsville, GA 30512
706-889-2185 (Jerome's cell)
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Jerome & Pam Scruggs   ~   1338 Henson Rd, Blairsville, GA 30512   ~   706-889-2185 (Jerome's cell)

AlpacaNation:  Tell us about yourself...

Jerae's Unity Alpacas:  We are a couple who first fell in love with these curious animals on December 19, 2009 on our
anniversary. We were camping at Unicoi State Park and decided to visit Destiny Alpacas in Young
Harris,GA. Needless to say, we were smitten. About 2 weeks later, we bought our first 2
alpacas - Noelle (beige female) 3 weeks old and Shatago (white male) one year old.
OOPS we do not have a farm!! We lived in Ellijay, GA in a small log home community which did not
allow livestock. Oh my, we have to board them for now.

We decided to sell our home which took almost 2 years. Meanwhile we rented a barn and
pasture near our home in June 2010. Brought our original 2 plus 2 more alpacas here which made
us have two males and two females in each paddock. Finally in October 2011, we sold our log
home and moved to Blairsville. Had to put up fencing and buy barn shelters too. After
buying a few more and having 6 successful births, 16 alpacas now reside at our farm.

AlpacaNation:  How long have you been in the alpaca business?

Jerae's Unity Alpacas:  Since December 2009!!

AlpacaNation:  How did you become interested in alpacas?

Jerae's Unity Alpacas:  We were at a craft show in November 2009 when I saw a woman spinning alpaca fiber at the
Destiny Alpacas booth. I watched her with the spinning wheel awhile and talked to her a few
minutes plus checked out products made from alpaca fiber. I was impressed with the number of
products on display which included yarn, socks, gloves, hats, scarves, and more.

Later my husband walked by their booth but did not talk to them. Instead he glanced at their
display then picked up one of their brochures. Neither of us ever mentioned our encounter with
Destiny Alpacas!!

However, after reading their brochure and doing internet searches, my husband announces that we
are going to purchase some alpacas. I just look at him and said, "We are going to buy what?"
The rest is history!!

AlpacaNation:  How did you decide on your farm name? Is there a special meaning behind the name?

Jerae's Unity Alpacas:  We decided to combine our middle names. His is
Jerome and mine is Rae. Thus we used first 3
letters of his name and all of mine but overlapped the Rs
to form Jerae.

Next - why Unity? Well there are several reasons: we
blended our names for the first part of our
farm name; males and females unit to produce new
alpacas; and we want to breed for better
quality fiber by uniting alpacas with certain

AlpacaNation:  Do you have a favorite Alpaca? Why is it your favorite?

Jerae's Unity Alpacas:  Yes, we do!! Her name is officially Jerae's Vanilla Mist but we call her Misty. She is a result of our
first attempt at breeding which involved two unprovens. She was born just 3 days after shearing in
April 2013. She and her mom just could not get the nursing thing going so we had to bottle feed
her for a few weeks. This created a special bond between us and her!! When we would go to the
barn to feed her every 3 hours, she would make a clucking sound and put up her tail up then
proceed to drink all the milk in the bottle.

Finally she and her mom got the nursing coordinated, however, Misty still liked to come socialize
with us. We became her 'human parents'!! She is now 9 months old and loves to follow us around
the pasture plus go inside our supply room for extra hay and treats. She is also our "little farm
ambassador" as she really loves to be around people!!



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