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Birchleaf Alpacas
Producer of Champions.
Vance & Darcy Rycroft
Box 91
Grovedale, AB T0H-1X0
  Farm Owners
Vance & Darcy Rycroft

Farm Address
Box 91
Grovedale, AB T0H-1X0 Canada

Important Phone Numbers
  Ph1: 780-831-6801
Ph2: 780-402-5815
 Web Site:  birchleaf.alpacanation.c...

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  MFI/TNT Peruvian Foundation Genetics available. Foundation offspring are outstanding in every way. We have created a herd of conformation ally sound alpacas over the last 22 yrs. Culling hard for any conformational flaw. Our males have to be exceptional in all areas.This includes Presence, temperament, and correct jaw alignment. If the fleece is exceptional but is lacking in any other area we cull. We do not cull to other breeders but for pet food. Our strict program benefits both us and you.  
Herd Count Statistics

Females: 46 Huacaya, 0 Suri
Males: 14 Huacaya, 0 Suri
Geldings: 0 Huacaya, 0 Suri

A total of 60 alpacas reside at Birchleaf Alpacas.


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Producer of Champions.
Image is being processed by ANWe have been noticing that a number of Alpacas are winning Championships that posses conformational faults and being awarded for short dense fleeces with few judges going into the extremities to check for consistency and length. Some of these alpacas by year 3 or 4 are only producing 2 to 3 inches of fleece??. We have a long wat to go to get where Merino sheep have advanced to!! Focusing on neck f...   Read more
  Our Featured Alpaca: Birchleaf Foundation's Kanita
Multiple Champion on halter and fleece
LETS DEAL :) Put together any package and lets discuss a deal. We selectively bred and culled over 20 yrs to this point in time, to a herd we are extremely proud of !!!

Color: Light Brown
Status: Unproven
Price: $0
  Our Featured Herdsire: MFI & TNT Peruvian Foundation
Extraordinary Macho
Foundation is all Macho and is a stunning representative of the breed.He is a true impact male, that we don't have to wonder if his progeny are not going to be a backwards step from the dam. He is able to transfer his positive traits again and again. Foundation has produced all colors.

Color: White
Status: Proven
Price: $0
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Services Offered (1)

Herdsires (14)
Huacaya Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
Accoyo Marksman Mecharios - Medium Fawn, Unproven, $1500
Birchleaf Asaritor - White, Proven, $1000
Birchleaf Candyman - White, Proven, $2019
Birchleaf Fawntastic - Medium Fawn, Proven, $1250
Birchleaf Futarios - Medium Fawn, Proven, $1000
Birchleaf Greystoke - Medium Rose Grey, Unproven, $2019
Birchleaf Nidarios - Bay Black, Unproven, $700
Birchleaf Nomad - Light Silver Grey, Proven, $2019
Birchleaf Over The Top - Light Fawn, Proven, $1000
Birchleaf Prometheus - Bay Black, Unproven, $1000
Birchleaf Ziba - White, Proven, $1500
EC Shamar - White, Proven, $2019
MFI & TNT Peruvian Foundation - White, Proven
MMR Ascott - White, Proven, $2000
Alpacas for Sale (45)
Huacaya Bred Females 
Birchleaf Exotica - White, Proven, $7500
Birchleaf Foundation's Elevate - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Foundation's Kanita - Light Brown, Unproven
Birchleaf Foundation's Shatique - White, Unproven, $6500
Birchleaf Foundations Entrinsic - White, Unproven, $9500
Birchleaf Foundations Fabulust - Dark Fawn, Unproven
Birchleaf Foundations Heaven Sent - White, Unproven, $6800
Birchleaf Holy Honey - Light Fawn, Unproven, $4500
Birchleaf Jayda - Bay Black, Proven, $2800
Birchleaf Jayden - Bay Black, Unproven, $2500
Birchleaf Layla - White, Unproven, $8500
Birchleaf Navina - Medium Silver Grey, Unproven, $5200
Birchleaf Shamazing - White, Unproven, $4500
Birchleaf Show Time - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Slambama - White, Unproven, $4500
Birchleaf Sunita - Medium Fawn, Proven, $15000
Birchleaf Velvet Touch - White, Unproven, $6000
Birchleaf Zena - White, Unproven, $32000
Foundation's Forget Me Not - True Black, Unproven
Navia - Medium Rose Grey, Proven, $1500
RFA Shahctic - White, Proven, $8500
Huacaya Open Females 
Bircheaf Velarios - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Black Candy - True Black, Proven, $1900
Birchleaf Complete - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Eye Appeal - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Foundations Zerah - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Foundazing - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Gaia Time - Bay Black, Unproven, $3500
Birchleaf I Remember - Beige, Unproven
Birchleaf Kar-ree - Bay Black, Unproven, $2000
Birchleaf Lexus - White, Unproven, $2800
Birchleaf New Look - White, Unproven, $4400
Birchleaf Royal Rose - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Shatzy - White, Unproven, $2000
Birchleaf Shawnee - White, Unproven, $2200
Birchleaf Stand Alone - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Stand Up - White, Unproven
Birchleaf Taripay - Light Fawn, Unproven, $2000
Birchleaf Won't Forget - Beige, Unproven
Huacaya Males 
Birchleaf Asaritor - White, Unproven, $3500
Birchleaf Fawntastic - Medium Fawn, Proven, $7500
Birchleaf Futarios - Medium Fawn, Proven, $6500
Birchleaf Over The Top - Light Fawn, Unproven
Birchleaf Prometheus - Bay Black, Unproven, $3000
MMR Ascott - White, Proven, $8000 (1/2 Int.)
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Fiber Lots for Sale (4)

Sold Items (90)



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