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 Electrolytes + Probiotics + Trace Minerals

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
tortkid43 Posted - 10/01/2014 : 9:06:50 PM
All (3) beneficial supplements in one package. Made In America from the highest quality ingredients and a proven effective water soluble supplement for all farm animals especially during times of stress or injury, Especially important when you have a compromised or lethargic alpaca....Summer/Winter stress..!

This is the best product on the market today.! There are others but none that can compare to the High Quality ingredients and the proprietary process in which AquaZyme Plus is produced which facilitates proper intake and utilization of the healthful benefits. In the 8+ years we've used it regularly on our herd and now more and more alpaca owners all across the country are finding out it really is the best supplement you can give to all your farm animals!

The results have produced Stronger, Healthier Vibrant animals with elevated immune systems and and a vastly improved digestive system which better utilizes the feeds and hay you are providing them.!

Endorsed by Alpaca/Cattle/Equine/Goat/Sheep farms all across the country. We encourage offering this product to all your farm animals including LGD's and Chickens/Guineas..!

Look for our FaceBook Group under the name AquaZyme Plus for Alpacas where you can find more information .

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
14   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
tortkid43 Posted - 04/17/2015 : 10:58:51 PM
Superior Nutrition = with AZ Plus your getting Improved digestive performance along with healthy happy alpacas...

Just sheared our herd and am almost sold out of this years clip of Prime Fleece...!

These are some of the comments and feedback we are receiving from folks who have bought our fleece off The Texas Stud Row Macho's and Paca Ladies..

Quote --

"I have no words for Hero's fleece...sign me up for next year!"

"Woo Hoo Just received my fleeces I love them especially cobalt's.."

What is the old saying... "If you make a better product then folks will buy it..."!!

Just sayin....!

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 04/16/2015 : 08:35:27 AM
Just a friendly reminder folks...Summertime heat is right around the corner...If you want to help ALL your farm animals with the best product on the market that contains 3 of the most important elements for a healthy immune/digestive system and overall health ...I encourage you to try AquaZyme Plus and KNOW that your animals are ready for any stressors they may face in the future..

There is a growing awareness that many animals are lost necessarily every year due to heat stress, but no pet owner should overlook the fact that other problems causing DEHYDRATION necessitate re-hydration gastro-intestinal upset (i.e. diarrhea, vomiting), fever, emotional stress strenuous exercise, travel, etc) are occurrences in small animals that call for fluid and electrolyte therapy. Administration of rehydration therapy orally is recommended in mild to moder-
ate dehydration. Preventative rehydration can eliminate or reduce stress symptoms in all animals.

Mixing AZ Plus with the animal’s drinking water and allowing the ani-
mal to ingest the product prior to strenuous exercise, birthing, travel or surgery is extremely beneficial.
Electrolyte Replacement is for your pet before, during and after
any major change or upset in your animal’s routine lifestyle because change can cause undue and sometimes undetected stress especially in Alpacas.

Electrolytes play a critical role in almost every metabolic reaction in the body. For example, they:
Help control water balance and fluid distribution in the body
Create an electrical gradient across cell membranes that is necessary for muscle contraction and nerve transmission
Regulate the acidity (pH) of the blood
Help regulate the level of oxygen in the blood
Are involved in moving nutrients into cells and waste products out of cells.

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 04/04/2015 : 08:53:41 AM
Question posed in the group on FaceBook....

Mike, I have a few questions about AquaZyme. I've read all the posts and other materials but do not find the answers. Is there a formula for reducing the amount of product if you are using less than 50 gal? Directions are to mix fresh daily; however, it seems a waste to discard the water they didn't consume from the previous day. Is this what everyone does? The alpacas share their water buckets with the LGDs and barn cats. Is the recommended mix for alpacas also safe for them? I also have ducks, chickens and rabbits. Is it it safe for them?

Responses --

Alpaca owner... I have 5 gal buckets and I put 2 tablespoon in daily. Now I have it in shaker bottles and I sprinkle in daily. Hope that helps. I do not have any other animals so could not say on thst. But pacas do like it.

Me --- as has been said and a few others will attest you can adjust the amount used based on the size of the buckets and your own personal knowledge of your alpacas and or farm animals...There really is absolutely nothing that will harm your critters if you give them more one day or less the next....I mix all my buckets just by sight now...I am not exact on the measurements and I know a few others are the same as i just kinda do like grandma did when she baked years ago...A pinch here and a pinch there...As for mixing daily again that is just a personal preference for me and what is recommended for two reasons.....With the active biological agents in the mix you will notice if you leave the water in the buckets for more than a day or two the buildup of slime or algae can be exacerbated ...that being said I still like to scrub out the buckets at least one a month with a light soapy chlorox mix to clean them out..which is something I think most folks do with their water buckets whether they have AZ Plus in them or not...The 2nd reason is whether your using a 5 gal bucket or a 25 gal bucket like I use here it just makes seems to me that fresh water daily with a small amount of AZ Plus to ensure they are getting fresh daily to me ensures peace of mind....I know whats in each bucket and I think over time you will find your alpacas will drink most of what you offer them daily once they get used to the taste...For instance now that we are in the 80's here I have (3) 25 gal buckets in my girls pens...I have to refill them at least twice a day now......In short you want your farm animals to drink water....lots and lots of water....It ensures health...It cleanses the body.....And with the AZ Plus in it is ensures all the benefits I've outlined in previous threads...

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 04/01/2015 : 2:49:21 PM

Free Shipping on 2 or more bags thru Easter Sunday..!
Thank you to newest members of the AquaZyme Plus Family

Evi Dixon in Beautiful Manhattan, MT
Kathy Anderton in Gorgeous Roosevelt, Utah
Helen Holt in Stunning Louisa, Ky.

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 03/18/2015 : 08:37:23 AM
Recent Question posed in the FaceBook Group page...---- I found directions for 20 Gallon buckets. How much do I put into a 5 Gallon bucket? I have 6 buckets in my barn, I fill them once a day. How much should I order? How long does it keep? Will it help deficiencies (which I am not sure if they have any but since alpaca minerals were out of stock here for some time now they surely have some)

Reponse --- I have recommended a bit less than 1 tablespoon per 5 gal bucket....This is approximate as I do not measure anymore and just pour it out directly from the bag to the buckets...I would suspect that with 6 buckets a day you would need at least 3-4 bags per month... usually they will drink more in the warmer months...for example we have been in the mid 70's here now and my girls pen which has 25 alpacas and 3- 20 gal buckets are drinking them almost empty each day... It keeps for years if you keep it at room temp and out of the sunlight...Especially in the buckets if you choose that option.....Remember there are active probios in this mix.....and I suspect you will find no deficiencies once you start using this product on a regular basis and the high quality trace minerals build up in the core systems of the animals you are giving it too.. Truly is a great product ...!

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 03/06/2015 : 1:21:09 PM
Question brought to me from a new user of AZ Plus in AquaZyme Plus for Alpacas/Llamas and LGD's on FaceBook...

"Can the alpacas get to much of the Aquazyme or do they self "regulate" I really think mine have been deprived because they are drinking it like there is no tomorrow. I have automatic waterers but have put the Aquazyme in 5 gal. buckets and have been mixing up new batches 3-4 times a day. I'm just concerned that I don't overdose them. Thanks."

Response ----
They will not overdose as it contains the highest quality all natural ingredients but here is what I would suggest....Not sure how many alpacas you are giving this too or how much you are putting into the 5 gal buckets....On occasion my alpacas will drink up the fresh bucket I have provided for them in the mornings...So when I go back out in the evenings I just refill that same bucket with regular tap water ..No need to add more AZ Plus at that point....As long as you are giving them the recommended amount once a day that is what I would stick with...It does become highly palatable for them once they become adjusted to the new smell and taste as I have had new arrivals do the same thing you are talking about...but once it builds up the systems it is designed to do they are less inclined to gulp it down but yet still know which buckets to go too to fill their bellies with the good stuff...!

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 02/27/2015 : 9:57:07 PM
Aqua Zyme Plus … This strong product has been going out of here on a regular basis, to not only our well established alpaca friends … but also, to several new customers developed recently due to their having heard of AZ Plus through those who have had strong benefit using it with their cattle and horses and now recently Alpacas/Llamas. The owners decided early on, 25 years ago, that they would NOT advertise the product!! Advertising sells, Yes!! Anybody would be foolish to deny that. But, so does effectiveness sell!! And, at MUCH LESS expense!! Build a strong product by NEVER compromising ingredient material, and one can market it at a much lower cost to the user-customer, without the expense of advertising!! Kind words are most effective anyway. Yes, effectiveness SELLS!! Always has … Always will!! It was decided 25 years ago this coming September 1st… to market AquaZyme pLUS in that manner. Knowing that doing so and in order to be successful this would keep the makers honest in the product development, ingredient quality, mixing, blending, and packaging. There would be NO compromise in any of those important entities!! Aqua Zyme Plus has more than done its part … in fulfilling that revered premise of doing business!! Longevity through effectiveness has been the result. We are Grateful for the strong support and validation of our customers, over these many years!!

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 02/23/2015 : 2:50:25 PM
Lol...very common Carolyn ...Mine did the same thing some 8+ yrs ago when I started them...In fact just added a group of 5 girls to our lineup here and they had never tasted it...The reaction when they got off the transport and tried it for the 1st time was priceless.....More of a surprise rather than disgust I would say....Now they don't hesitate and I have to re-fill the buckets at least 1 time in the evening...Glad to hear yours are on AZ Plus now and in time as it builds up their immunity and digestive systems you will find it invaluable for their health and condition...

In addition to your herd we have been blessed with orders from many other farms in your region where the brutal cold has been taking a toll on the alpacas and other farm animals....Many of whom have reported very positive feedback as to the condition of their animals and how well they are coping with not only the weather conditions but having to stay in barns/shelters for hours if not days at a time..!


Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
woodside Posted - 02/23/2015 : 10:16:33 AM
As far as getting your alpacas to drink water with Aqua Zyme in, I've started mine on it recently and I began by adding a very small amount to their water. I've been increasing it gradually, and so far my alpacas seem to be drinking it as usual. I was plesantly surprised as while I have a few alpacas that will eat almost anything, some of my females are rather "picky".
Carolyn Martin
Woodside Alpacas
tortkid43 Posted - 02/04/2015 : 12:30:15 PM
Summer Time is just around the corner and now is an excellent time to start your herds on AZ Plus to have them in prime condition for the stress of heat/humidity!

Perfect for those heading to the fabulous shows now kicking into high gear..
Improved Immune Systems and Elevated digestive performance translates in a healthier animal more able to withstand any stressors they face including transport, birthing and shows...

This is not just for alpacas/Llamas.. It is used all across the country by Diary/Cattle, Equine, Dog Kennels, and Goat farmers...

References available and more information on our facebook page..

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 01/29/2015 : 09:00:59 AM
I am asked quite often about the taste and how long it takes the alpacas to realize what you have added to their water is actually good for them and not something they should kick over.....I remember distinctly quite a few years ago starting off our herd on AZ Plus and the reactions I observed to the new taste were at best hilarious from some and others (the smarter ones) knew it was good for them and drank without objection.....

Much like our children whom if your like me we would give them when they were young liquid vitamins (before all the flavoring they have now which makes em much more tolerable) and then you could sit back and watch the various contortions they would make with their bodies and squinchy (if that's a word) faces and flailing of arms like you had just given them straight lemon juice..

Well if your animals are anything like mine some will almost react just the same.....Like I said others (the more refined and older ones probably) will recognize the benefits immediately...

My point being don't be alarmed if they don't drink as much initially...I recommend starting out with 1 tbs per 20 gal and then you can build up from there to the 2 tbs per 20...This is critical in my opinion now for those of you just starting to use AZ Plus or those thinking about using this wonderful product so that it begins to build up in their systems and by summertime they will be in peak physical condition and much better able to withstand any of the stressors they face...especially the summer Heat/Humidity.....

In closing my friends...Don't be concerned if it takes a few days to a week for some of your herd to acquire a taste for this product....In time you will see that they prefer their water mixed with the AZ Plus and you can do like many others and sit back knowing your herd is in optimum shape and condition..!

Thank you ...!

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 01/26/2015 : 3:40:30 PM
Here is how I justify it on our ranch.....with our 60 alpacas....We have over the years had to buy hay from different sources...not to mention what they eat from the pastures....(they love the acorns and leaves from our white oak trees) ...We have sold a few and brought in a few, Shearing, shows, births, summer heat, winter freezes. Our vet charges $98 even if I just need them to come out for a health cert when I have sold an alpaca...I still offer free choice Stillwater minerals at least once a week (to give them more variety) but I mix my minerals in a concoction with other things in it and I can share another time and they gobble it down.....I have not used medications for anything other than a tooth abscess in quit some time...Their fleece sells out in a week after shearing...I am a firm believer that because they are healthier/ and stronger their fleece is immensely better which has been verified by histograms which have consistently improved especially in our breeding machos and older alpacas.....So in short...Stronger, healthier alpacas with outstanding fleece and no medical issues has resulted in lower costs for us here....I think more and more folks are realizing the benefits of a product such as this where you can simply add it to the water and if used in a regular maintenance program over time you will see the end results..You buy less of the other products which don't use the high quality ingredients like this product does and the best part is I can sit on our porch and listen to the humming of a bunch of healthy beautiful alpacas with no medical issues.....!

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 01/13/2015 : 5:47:53 PM
I was recently asked how much AZ Plus to use in the water and my best response is 2 tbs per 20 gal of water....In the winter time I empty out their buckets and place fresh water with AZ Plus every other day...I have a total of 8 buckets spread around the Ranch and 1 bag lasts me 1 Week....Also the question was raised as to what is the efficacy of the ingredients and I have used a bag or two over the last 8 + yrs that was well over 2 yrs old from the manufacture date during the summer and had no issues...As long as it is stored properly and kept out of the sun or any extreme temps it should last as long or longer for you.

There are many other products out there that contain Probiotics, or Electrolytes...etc...but none that use the highest quality you can find such as AZ Plus...Check the labels for the ingredients and compare.! You can buy the cheapest or you can buy The Best...!
Thank you again for the interest


Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx
tortkid43 Posted - 01/12/2015 : 1:59:00 PM
~~~ January Special ~~~

Individual bags --- $15 each plus shipping
5- bags $70 plus shipping
1 bucket (25 1lb Bags) $340.00 which includes shipping..

Mike and Maggie Carabajal
Rancho De La Luz Alpacas
Elgin, Tx

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