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 Eye Trouble
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Wild Thyme

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Posted - 06/10/2010 :  08:51:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit Wild Thyme's Homepage  Send Wild Thyme an AOL message  Send Wild Thyme a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hi - have a girl who a few weeks ago had what looked like mild conjunctivitis in her eye. Got some triple antibiotic eye stuff from the vet (apparently terramicin has been on backorder forever and no one can get it?) anyway treated with that and it seemed to go away so we stopped treating it. That was about a week ago. Today I noticed that under her eye seems swollen - not the lid but actually on her face underneath her eye. I'm worried she has something stuck or an infection - couldn't find any foreign matter in there but now am wondering. We will have the vet out but was just wondering if anyone has had an experience like this and what protocol you followed to treat it. Thanks!

Lindsay and Mike
Wild Thyme Farm
Morris, NY


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Posted - 06/10/2010 :  1:00:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit Kate's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Lindsay,
That happened to us a couple of years ago with a boy- most of the left side of his face was swollen. The eye was unaffected, the mucous membranes normal, so we treated with Benadryl for a couple of days, and it slowly subsided.

Hope it's simple!
Want any free white Bolivians?? (Not mine, need rescuing!)

Kate McKelvie
Alpacas of Sunset Fields
Glen Rock, PA
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Posted - 06/12/2010 :  07:23:24 AM  Show Profile  Visit highpeaksalpacas's Homepage  Reply with Quote
possibly a bug bite??

High Peaks Alpacas
Wilmington, NY

You only live with alpacas!
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Posted - 06/12/2010 :  08:02:54 AM  Show Profile  Visit Kate's Homepage  Reply with Quote
We figured that Dom had been stung...

Kate McKelvie
Alpacas of Sunset Fields
Glen Rock, PA
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Wild Thyme

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Posted - 06/14/2010 :  8:41:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit Wild Thyme's Homepage  Send Wild Thyme an AOL message  Send Wild Thyme a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Just a quick update - the vet thinks it is unrelated to the conjunctivitis which has been gone for a while - have her on penicillin for 5 days to treat it since the vet is worried if I don't that it may turn into an abscess which we don't want! She's not sure what could have caused it but thinks it should go away with the antibiotics. If it doesn't then we will try something else. There is no evidence of a bug bite and since it has been hanging around for a while I think it is in her sinus or soft tissue. Could have originally been a sting of some kind that has blown up but I guess we will never know. Thanks everyone!


Lindsay and Mike
Wild Thyme Farm
Morris, NY
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Posted - 06/14/2010 :  9:00:58 PM  Show Profile  Send Judith a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Is there any evidence that she may have scratched the cornea? Sometimes when they're brushing off flies, they rub their heads against the ground or plants, and can get things in their eyes (I had one lodge a blade of grass up under the eye and lacerate the cornea. Talk about ugly!) It could have just been a seed or something that got into the eye and caused an infection.

Judith Korff
AlpacaNation Forum Co-Moderator
LadySong Farm Bolivian Suri Alpacas
Randolph, NY 14772
Cell: (716) 499-0383
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Posted - 06/15/2010 :  12:20:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just had that happen yesterday Judith, I went out in the morning and one of the boys had this awful white puss stuff all around his eye.

I actually used my robe(it was really to wipe away the puss stuff, and it just kept coming from top, bottom, it was gross, but eventually I saw a blade of grass on his eye, I worked it around to the corner, got it out and he has been fine since, I also rinsed it later on, but I was really amazed at how much puss one small piece of grass made.
It happened right after we mowed the field so that was probably how he got it in the first place.

Susan Rempe
Four Corners Alpacas
Bloomfield NM
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Posted - 06/15/2010 :  06:35:40 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I had a 15 yo girl with a pretty bad scratch on her cornea (her eye was going blue. I flushed it out with saline solution treated it with terramicin and called the vet. We put her on an antibiotic and used another ointment called BNP.(triple antibiotic) She told me to use it until scratch was healed and then use it another week beyond. My girl got to where she would just stand there and let me treat even if she was in the open field.

Lee Ann Hammer
Magnolia Hill Alpacas
West Point, VA.
757 870 0037
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Posted - 06/15/2010 :  11:44:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
we had a cria with an ulcerated cornea due to a little bit of grass sticking to her eye. Vet advised to flush it with saline and treat with Terramycin. It was really embedded! W/in a day the swelling decreased, and then the poor thing took a kick right in that eye from another cria. She looked miserable, the poor thing. We used the Terramycin for 4-5 days and she recovered nicely.

You can order Terramycin from either or Ridge Mist Llama Supplies (not sure of their URL).

Nicole Carter
Upper Farm Alpacas
Pownal, ME
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Posted - 06/15/2010 :  12:53:56 PM  Show Profile  Visit alpacatreasures's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I had a female with an eye injury that developed into an abcess directly under the eye. It started out with her eye red/irritated with some mild conjuctivitis. We flushed it and used Terramycin, but it still developed into abcess. Had vet out to examine and drain (ick!). Started a round of Penicilin with daily flushing/draining the abscess....didn't do the trick. So, we had to have drain tubes put in, a month of Nuflor....and it finally resolved. The only explanation was getting poked by an alfalfa stem in the eye as I was there when she did it. So, now we lay stemmy alfalfa on the ground so they're not digging into the buckets.

Most of our eye issues (watering/conjuctivitis) resolve quickly with a few flushings or treatments of Terramycin ointment. If they don't resolve, we have the vet out.

Sara McElroy
Alpaca Treasures
Maple Valley, WA
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